Older women, 65 years old, don’t take off the bra


Older women, 65 years old, don’t take off the bra

Many elderly women think that wearing a bra is a young age. After the skin is getting loose, the bra seems to be unnecessary.

銆€銆€But experts reminded that the bra was taken too early.

銆€銆€Ma Haihuan, chief physician of plastic surgery at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said that the breasts are soft and soft, without any skeletal structure, without wearing a bra, will be pulled back and forth on the chest, and the ligaments of the breasts will be affected by gravity, and will become drooping and walking.shape.

Breast atrophy and sagging in advance will affect blood circulation.

And “breast can support the breast fracture support and support, so that the blood circulation of the breast is smooth, body shape, delay the body aging.”

銆€銆€Removing the bra too early will put a burden on the bones.

Under normal circumstances, before the age of 65, women’s skin muscles have not completely relaxed, the function of the breast ligament has not fully declined, and also need to wear a bra.

If the bra is removed too early and the breast is affected by gravity, the body will follow the forward tilt. For a long time, the spine will be deformed or bent, and it is easy to produce a hunchback.

Dr. Sato, from the Department of Plastic Surgery, Nakano Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, also said that if older women do not wear bras and loose muscles on the buttocks, they will cause the body to lean forward, thus pressing the lungs, causing uneven asthma.

銆€銆€If the breast is too drooping, it will cause the chest to descend, causing the stomach to sag and compressing the tandem to affect the appetite of the elderly.

“After the age of 65, the breast ligaments begin to weaken, and wearing a bra can be done.
Ma Haihuan said, if you must wear it, you should also choose some soft (such as thin cotton cloth), suitable for thin and thick, better breathability, the strap should not be too thin and too narrow, the bra with a slightly looser size, preferably without a steel ring.The bottom of the.

In addition, the bra should be removed at night to relax the chest and chest, hip muscles, and ensure smooth blood circulation.