Drink some mint water after fitness


Drink some mint water after fitness

After fitness, a few mouthfuls of cold white can relieve the lack of water after exercise, but can not eliminate the feeling of thirst, but if you drink mint water, the feeling will be different.

This is my experience of 鈥渟tolen鈥?from the coach during the fitness process.

銆€銆€After a short workout, not to mention sweating, but also to be thirsty, I always want to have a glass of water, and in the summer, I want to drink cold and refreshing water. At this time, mint water is the best choice.

Mint water has a cool and refreshing feeling, and a small amount of mint water can bring a large cup of water to eliminate the thirst.

Drinking a few mouthfuls of mint water after a summer workout is the best arrangement.

銆€銆€In Chinese medicine, mint is a kind of cold-solving solution, which has the effect of eliminating wind and dispersing. Drinking mint water after exercise can also help the body accelerate metabolism and eliminate waste and toxins.

銆€銆€Mint can be easily bought in pharmacies or supermarkets. Cook the mint water before fitness, dry it into cold water, bring a bottle with you, and drink a few mouthfuls after fitness. There will be a feeling of coolness and tranquility coming out from the bottom of my heart.It seems that I have taken a warm bath for my esophagus and stomach, and I am relaxed from the inside out.

銆€銆€If you add black tea in the mint, drink mint tea after fitness, you can clear your heart and restore your spirits, so that the nervous nerves after exercise will slowly relax and relax.