Girls’ psychological development must go through 3 stages

Girls’ psychological development must go through 3 stages

Cognitive psychology believes that a large increase in sexual information and great changes in people’s sexuality concepts, all of these will stimulate and stimulate the girls’ brains and gonads, and will promote the early budding of sexual physiology.Psychological development.

  However, the development of social progress and the increasing sophistication of social life have led to a change in the maturity of teenage girls.

In the case of immature social psychology, they lack scientific understanding of physiological development and sexual psychology germinated by physiological development, and it is easy to close blindness.

  The development of adolescent sexual psychology generally goes through the following stages: 1. Obscure sexual consciousness, yearning for the interaction with the opposite sex. Some girls change clothes three times a day in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

  2, dream and masturbation, want to get into the wrong, daydreaming, further is masturbation masturbation.

In the past, people thought that masturbation only existed in boys. In fact, girls also masturbate.

  3. Imitate and try, bold practice of sex life.

  At each stage of the development of adolescent sexual psychology, a very complicated and contradictory state of mind is exhibited: not only paying attention to the behavior of the opposite sex, hoping to be favored by the opposite sex, but also burying this desire in the heart, showing restraint andIndifferent, reserved and shy.

They masturbate for masturbation, often in the interweaving of sin and pleasure.

Traditional conception that masturbation is unscrupulous, this concept makes them feel ashamed of their behavior, but sexual agitation puts them in a state that is difficult to restrain.

They need to talk but can’t find their acquaintances, or the young girls who replace them need the care and help of school and family.

  The spontaneous development of sexual psychology may have two bad tendencies: one is driven by sexual instinct and sexual psychology; out of ignorance and curiosity, the sexual experience and sexual attempts are prematurely performed.

Sexual relations occur during the early stages of adolescent sexual germination, and it may occur in two situations. One is affected by the feudal concept of virginity and considers itself to be an immoral person. From then on, he bears the heavy burden of remorse and can’t lift his head.Or, if you break the pot and break it, you are rotten. Second, the premature initiation of sexual desire, the gradual formation of sexual desire, the emergence of sexual excitement, and the state of pursuing sexual enjoyment.

This is the path taken by some girls from sexual experience to sexual sin.

Sexual mistakes are easy to form a dynamic stereotype, and become stubborn sexual habits. It is very difficult to change.

This is why some young girls have to hang around with male gangsters after fleeing the night, and their parents can hardly make them turn back no matter how they beat, scold, shut, and seek.

  The second kind of bad tendency is that some young girls regard the sexual psychology in puberty as ugly, produce strong sense of shame and guilt, and turn themselves into inferior people. They form a closed mind, withdrawn, inferior, and introverted.

Some older unmarried women in their forties today spent their adolescence during the Cultural Revolution.

Their sexual psychology is so severely suppressed that they will not be able to engage in normal social contact with the opposite sex in the future and enter into a marital life.

  The maturity of human sexual psychology depends on the maturity of sexual physiology, but the maturity of sexual physiology does not mean the maturity of sexual psychology.

The sign of sexual psychological maturity is that the occurrence of sexual behavior is based on sex, the combination of spirit and flesh, and sex and love.

Therefore, the maturity of sexual psychology is closely related to the maturity of social psychology.

In our society, human sexual behavior is both natural and social and spiritual.

Sexual relationships and performance in the same person all reflect a person’s sense of society, responsibility and personality.

The maturity of sexual psychology requires a process, which requires constant adjustment and adaptation between the sexes, especially the continuous sublimation of emotions, in order to reach a perfect state.

  The adolescent girls’ sexual psychological situation is immature, and they have great plasticity. Positive education for them may cultivate healthy sexual psychology. If they are allowed to develop freely, they may slip into the abyss of sexual sin.

A survey in Sichuan shows that early sexual life is an important feature of women who are prostitutes, and some of them have sex at the age of 12 or 13.

The sexual psychological maturity scale designed by Professor Cao Xingwu of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital was used to measure the sexual psychological maturity of these prostitutes.

As a result of the measurement, 435 people (immature) scored below 435 (70%), 185 (15%) scored (toward maturity), and 6 (1%) were scored above 25 (mature).

It shows that although these prostitutes have a high frequency of sexual intercourse, most of them are sexually immature, and their sexual behavior is mainly driven by sexual desire, without love as the basis.

  Scholars’ research on sexual psychology is still in its infancy and the number is relatively small.

The health of sexual psychology has little understanding of the role of people’s sexual behavior. Therefore, even some adolescent sex education schools that are better developed can only educate middle school students on physical health knowledge.Few sexual psychological issues are involved.

However, the education of sexual psychology cannot be ignored in shaping the healthy personality of girls.

Education in this regard should continue to create conditions and be implemented gradually.