Emotional Intelligence in Love and Marriage

Emotional Intelligence in Love and Marriage

Love and marriage are important relationships.

The wrong way you deal with it can often lead to the disintegration of love relationships and family breakdown.

Therefore, for your own happiness, in order to succeed in love and happiness after marriage, you need to train and improve your emotional intelligence.

  First you have to learn to recognize your charm.

There is no uniform standard for charm.

The beauty of charm and double looks, as well as personality, temperament, knowledge, ability, and emotional color.

Charm is accompanied by something that is external, rather than internal.

Individuals who want to increase their charm must first understand love and learn to love others.

  Love is the entrance to love.

A person cannot just linger and stay in the population. He must pass through the entrance to recognize the nature of love and raise your knowledge of love to a certain depth, breadth and height.

Without deep love, love will soon dry up; without breadth of love, love will soon decline; without a high degree of love, the mood of love cannot be experienced.

  With the deepening of love, the exclusive desire for the love object is a natural and normal phenomenon.

“You can only love me”, this is a requirement between lovers.

If lovers show concern for others, they will immediately have jealousy.

Excessively strong desire for exclusivity often causes love to be closed and dried up; healthy love should not deprive each other of their freedom.

Another nature of love is its breadth, that is, loving the world, loving life, and giving love to everyone.

  Therefore, in the process of love, please say this to your lover: “Please love me.

“At the same time, please also say:” Love me, and if you love me sincerely, please don’t just love me. ”

“Through” love me “, love the whole world and humanity.

  Social psychologists believe that love should have four basic elements: 1) care.

Love is a concern for the life and growth of the loved one, and it is an active participation.

The essence of love is to help and cultivate the loved one.

  2) Liability.

Love is a conscious response to the demands of the person you love.

This “response” is responsibility.

  3) respect.

Respect is not fear or fear, or understanding of the unique personality of the person you love, and respect for the feelings and soul of the person you love.

  4) Knowledge.

It is impossible to love a person without knowing that person. Caring and being responsible for the person you love is guided by knowledge.

Love-Individuals cannot stay around the object and should approach the “core” actively. This requires the knowledge of love to guide.

  ”Why do people get married?

“This is democracy, a question that many young men and women ask.

In addition, “What are the conditions for marriage?

“The internal conditions are moral factors such as character, character, value, outlook on life, and marriage. The external conditions include objective factors such as education, income, height, family relationship, and health.

The typical saying is “three high living alone”, that is, the ideal marriage object is a high education, high stature, high income, plus a house to live independently.

  However, if all the above-mentioned external conditions of marriage are really met, can it guarantee a happy life after marriage?

The author personally believes that there is no power to guarantee, but many people are still obsessed with obsession and are pursuing an external thing.

From the author’s point of view as a psychologist, the important factors that determine the happiness of the marriage life of the two parties are the character, personality, values, and concept of marriage of the two parties, as well as the quality of the emotional intelligence of both parties.