People who will soak their feet are sick!


Chinese medicine masters are so soaked!

People who will soak their feet are sick!
Chinese medicine masters are so soaked!

The autumn and winter are cold, the hot water bubble feet are no longer comfortable, and there are enough shortcomings for the body.

Among the masters of Chinese medicine, they also like to spend more!

And these people who are very healthy, have a variety of ways to foot!


Deng Tietao: Acupuncture points + foot bathing party Deng Tietao likes to use warm water to soak feet. When you soak your feet, massage with your hands, rubbing your instep and your feet, you can help you fall asleep.

According to Deng Tietao, the Yangcheng Evening News, the human foot is like a tree root, and the roots of the tree are exhausted.

The elderly often feel cold in the soles of the feet, because the blood of the people gradually decreases with age, and the feet play an important role in human health.

The elderly should use warm water and foot to promote blood circulation in the feet.

Method: 鈻?鎼撴弶 foot: In the process of foot massage, you can use your hands to massage, rub your instep and foot, rub the left foot of the Yongquan point with the left hand, and the right hand labor palace points rubbing the left foot bottom of the spring, until the warmth is generated.until.

鈻?Soaking feet: Sometimes Deng Tietao will be equipped with some Chinese herbal medicines to boil water to soak feet, sometimes with 30 grams of Achyranthes, 30 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of white peony, 30 grams of Uncaria, 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 10 grams of Evodia, Cinnamon10 grams of boiled water.

The medicine is poured into water to soak the feet, and the medicine enters the human body through capillary circulation, and achieves the effects of regulating endocrine, nourishing yin and kidney, and flattening liver fire, thereby improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure.

When soaking the feet, the water temperature should be moderate and warm.

Applicable people: It is especially suitable for patients with hypertension who are not taking good antihypertensive drugs in autumn and winter, or those with pre-existing blood pressure fluctuations and poor control.


Lu Guangxuan: The pepper is soaked in the feet.

He believes that using pepper to soak the feet is better than using hot water to soak the feet.

In the view of Chinese medicine, pepper can relieve pain, phlegm and dispel cold.

Using the pepper to soak the feet and use the angelica, the red flower soaked feet have the same effect, can promote blood circulation, so that the whole body blood flow is smooth, and the body is warm and mellow.

In addition, pepper is also a natural disinfectant, soaking feet with pepper can help cure athlete’s foot.

鈻?Method: Pack 50 grams of pepper with a cotton cloth, fasten with a rope, add water to boil, then use this water to soak your feet.

The pepper bag can be used repeatedly, and it can be replaced with a week or so.


Lu Zhizheng: About 8 or 9 o’clock before sleeping with Ai Ye soaking feet, Lu Zhi is soaking his feet, using Ai Ye to boil water and soak feet.

What are the benefits after soaking up?

Lu Zhizheng believes that the blood in the head after the foot is active, the body sees sweat, the blood comes down, the head is clear, the fatigue is relieved, and rest.

Because Ai Ye has the power of warming and dispelling cold, after bathing, it can help remove cold and dampness in the body and help restore the body.

It is advisable to soak your feet with a slight sweat. Do not sweat too much, because sweating and yang are not worth the candle.

You can massage your feet more.

鈻?Method: Take 50 grams of Ai Ye.

Add the leaves to boiling water for about 15 minutes. After the water temperature is slightly lower, you can soak your feet in the liquid soaked for 15 times each time.
After 20 minutes, hot water can be added after the water is cool.


Wu Bingcai: At the moment of bedtime, Wu Bingcai went out to sit at 7 o’clock every day and went home at 1:30 in the afternoon.

I have suffered from insomnia because I often think about the patient’s condition.

In order not to affect his health, he spends at least a quarter of an hour a day, and spends a quarter of an hour before going to bed.

Chinese medicine believes that “summer feet, summer heat can be paralyzed”, the body benefits a lot.
Method: Generally, the temperature of the foot bath water is 40?
45 掳 C is appropriate, it is best not to exceed 50 掳 C; bathing time is best to choose before going to sleep at night, to 15?
About 20 minutes is appropriate.

Guo Chengjie: Soaking feet + 鎻?back Guo Chengjie will use hot water to soak feet every night, when the feet are not idle, he will take a look at the back of the “renshu point.”

Chinese medicine says “the kidney is the innate foundation.”

The quality of the kidney is that the kidney is not enough.

If the kidneys are full, the urination will be very happy. With the folks’ instructions, the garbage will not be discharged!

Method: When the feet are soaked, the fists are clenched in both hands, and the back of the spine is repeated in parallel with the back of the spine.

Massage Shenshu points, stimulate the kidneys through the meridians, and let the kidneys get excited.

Hot water soak your feet, win the tonic!

In the view of Chinese medicine, the foot is the gathering place of the human meridians, and there are more than 60 acupuncture points below the light incident part. The soaking feet can distort the warm and cold, ventilate the blood, and adjust the function of the organs.

Often adhere to the hot water foot pedicure application range, rheumatism, spleen and stomach disease, insomnia, headache, cold and other systemic diseases, paraplegia, brain trauma, stroke, lumbar disc herniation, kidney disease and other major diseases, rehabilitation after severe illnessAnd so on are all included inside.

For patients with diabetes, heart disease, venous embolism, etc., it is best to consult a doctor.

Let’s soak your feet!