Classic Conditioning Recipe for Kidney Disease

Classic Conditioning Recipe for Kidney Disease

The kidney is located on the waist, one on the left and one on the left.

The physiological functions of the kidney are Tibetan essence, main water, and Qi.

The main bone grows from the marrow to the brain.

Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the protection of the kidney, you will suffer from kidney disease and suffer from complications such as lack of vital energy, asthma, edema, mental retardation, and weak bones.

Try the classic conditioning medicated recipe for kidney disease.

  熟地黄牛骨汤  [配方]熟地黄60克,江珧柱30克,牛骨500克,老姜、葱各10克,料酒10毫升,盐、味精各3克,胡椒粉适量。  [制作]  1.Wash and slice cooked Rehmannia glutinosa; wash, soak, and tear apart the simmered scallion; wash and cut the beef bones, simmer in the boiling water pot, remove the drain water; wash the ginger, shallots, and slice the ginger; slice the shallots.


Put beef bones, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, Jiangzhuzhu, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine all together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with huohuo, and cook with simmered fire for 3 to 4 hours, then add salt, MSG, and pepper.

  [Food method]appropriate amount of sintering.

  [Effect]Ziyin Yishen, nourishing blood and strong tendons.

Applicable to patients with chronic kidney disease, deficient blood, chlorosis, malaise, limb burnout, waist and knee weakness, etc.

  [Should be avoided]People with kidney disease should not suffer from this soup.

  苁蓉羊腰子羹  [配方]肉苁蓉30克,羊腰子2个,盐、味精各3克,老姜、葱各10克,料酒10毫升,生粉6克,胡椒粉适量。  [制作]  1.Soak Cistanche in wine for 1 night, remove wrinkles and cut into pieces; cut and remove fat film from lambskin, wash and cut into pieces, add salt, cooking wine, and marinate the raw powder; wash the onions and cut the onions; cut the ginger into pieces.


Put Cistanche in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, fry for half an hour, boil the sautéed scallops, add ginger, green onion, salt, cooking wine, pepper, and MSG, season the raw flour into a thick paste, and serve immediately.

  [Food Method]Take an appropriate amount on an empty stomach or with a meal.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing impotence.

It is suitable for patients with nephropathy and those with kidney deficiency. The symptoms are pale, cold pain in the waist and knees, tinnitus, excessive urination at night, muscle weakness, or impotence, nocturnal emission, or infertility.

  杜仲煮羊腰子  [配方]杜仲15克,五味子6克,羊腰子2个,盐、味精、生粉各3克,老姜、葱各10克,料酒12亳升,胡椒粉适量。  [制作]  1.Wash eucommia ulmoides and Schisandra chinensis; cut and remove fat film from lamb’s kidney, wash, slice, add salt, raw flour, pickled rice wine, wash ginger, shallots, slice ginger, and cut shallots.


Put eucommia ulmoides and schisandra together in a casserole, add the right amount of water, cook for 1 hour, add mutton, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine and boil, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and serve immediately.

  [Eating Method]Add in proper amount before meals.

  [Efficacy]Wenshen astringent essence, strong muscles and bones.

Applicable to patients with kidney and kidney deficiency, coldness and pain in the lumbar spine, weakness of the feet and knees, impotence nocturnal emission, or repeated edema, frequent or unfavorable urination, sometimes dizziness, tinnitus or nephritis and edema.

  [Should be avoided]This soup is a kind of warm supplement, kidney disease is not suitable for those with yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity.

  羊肉虾仁羹  [配方]羊肉500克,虾仁100克,蒜30克,姜2片,老姜、葱各10克,料酒12毫升,盐、味精各3克,生粉6克,胡椒粉适量。  [制作]  1.Wash and shred garlic; shredded shallots; shallots shall be washed and chopped; shallots shall be washed and shredded; ginger shall be washed and shredded; mutton shall be washed, thinly sliced, salt, cooking wine and raw flour shall be marinated; shrimps shall be washed and chopped, salted, cooking wine, rawPowder well.


Heat up the pan, explode the lamb with ginger, add the right amount of water, boil the garlic, cook the shrimps for 20 minutes, season with spring onion, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper, and add a portion of the raw flour to a thin paste.Ready to eat.
  [Food method]appropriate amount of sintering.

  [Efficacy]Wen Bu Shen Yang.It is suitable for those with kidney dysfunction due to kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms include low back pain, weak feet, cold feeling in the lower body, cramped abdomen, unfavorable urination, or excessive urination, sometimes edema, or omission.

  [Should be avoided]Those with kidney deficiency, yin deficiency, hyperactivity, and damp-heat internal conditions should not be placed; kidney function in the late stage of kidney disease, and those who need to control the amount of protein should not be used.