Summer Detox Program


Summer Detox Program

Detox diet, let you have a healthy body.

To detoxify and lose weight, first set up a detox program, and now prepare for summer detox!

Here’s how to make a detox program that will allow you to lose weight in summer and have a good body.

銆€銆€I saw Teacher Jin for a while and found that she was obviously thin. She told me that she was doing a very important summer detox program.

I am very excited when I hear about detoxification. I believe that many people are just like me, because we all think that a row of poison will be thin, and a row of poison will be healthy, so we love detoxification.

銆€銆€But do you know why you choose summer detoxification, what is the main toxin in summer?

Yes, it is water.

So the summer detox program is actually a summer drainage plan.

Let us drive away all the water from the body. Will the water be poisonous?

銆€銆€All girls have the wrong impression that water can be drunk.

I think that if you drink water, you will moisturize your skin. Drinking water will help your metabolism. Drinking water will lose weight. In fact, there must be a degree in everything. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. You must maintain a degree.

銆€銆€In the summer, people are more likely to sweat. Many people think that excess water has been discharged through sweat. Why do we need to drain?

There are three reasons for this – reason 1 your drinking water increased in the summer, you must drink more water than in the summer, many people in the summer often take a can of water to desperately fill.

銆€銆€Reason 2 The amount of fruit you eat increases. There are more fruits in summer, and these fruits tend to increase in overlap, such as watermelon and peach, which are some special things.

銆€銆€Reason 3 The evil consequences of the air-conditioned room Nowadays, almost everyone works in the air-conditioned room. Every day, the air conditioner is blown, and the sweat does not flow out. As a result, the sweat that wants to be sent out is forced back, so it is particularly easy to absorb water in summer.

Many people think that the face is prone to swelling in the summer, that is, the body’s water accumulation is too much.

銆€銆€It’s all the troubles of water. When it’s winter, it’s dry. When you walk outside in the summer, the pig’s head bulges. This is the fault of water.

銆€銆€Although water is a friend of mankind, too much absorption will make women ugly.

In the end, we have done something wrong in dealing with water?

Take a look now.


Drinking water constantly can promote the body’s metabolic water is a good thing, it can promote metabolism, but there are certain restrictions.

If you drink too much water, the body’s moisture will definitely lower the body’s temperature. One of the most important functions of our body is to keep the temperature constant.

Some people say that I changed to drink hot water. In fact, this has nothing to do with hot water and cold water. As long as the body’s water is too much, the body’s temperature will decrease, and our metabolism will be delayed rather than promoted.

Muscle soreness, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms are caused by a decrease in body temperature.

銆€銆€The smartest way to drink water in the morning is to drink the first glass of water. After drinking a bite of water, let the water stay in your mouth, stay for a little longer, then drink slowly, then drink the second, third.mouth.

This moisture absorption is the best and does not cause accumulation.

銆€銆€This method has two functions: one is to prevent drinking too much water for your stomach at all times. In summer, we often have enough stomach to drink enough, but the brain is not enough. Second, the mouth can make the water temperature and body temperature suitable, so as not to hurt.stomach.


A lot of skin that is not enough to replenish water is white and tender. This is another wrong area.

Water has a certain relationship with whitening, but it is impossible to whiten it only by drinking water.

The degree of skin moisturization depends on the natural moisturizing ingredient of vitamins or amino acids, which is related to how much water you drink, but not absolutely related.

銆€銆€Of course, you can’t say that since the vitamins and amino acids in the body determine the skin, then I don’t drink water.

銆€銆€Because if you don’t drink water, the vitamins in your body, there is no way to operate the amino acids, so drink two liters a day, not much more perfect.

Excessive moisture storage can lead to poor circulation and rough skin, which is counterproductive.

銆€銆€In addition, a large amount of drinking water will swell, because it can not be discharged, and the proportion of water in the human body is about 70%. If it exceeds 70%, even to 75% or 80%, you will feel the body swollen, of course, serious and uncomfortable.

Toxins in the body can be excreted through a large amount of drinking water.Our body’s toxins have four drains: one is exhaling, excreting carbon dioxide; one is perspiration; one is urine, draining water; and the other is feces.

In this case, all the excretion of the feces is harmful, and the contents of the urine are very few.

銆€銆€Don’t think that it is a tube from your mouth to the large intestine. Drinking water directly rushes down through the drain. Drinking too much water is actually putting a burden on the kidneys, letting it work overtime. In the long run, people are in Asia.Health is up.

銆€銆€If you don’t believe it, you don’t hinder to try it. Drink a lot of water. For a while, you will feel that your waist is particularly sour, because your kidney burden is getting heavier.