How to play excellent blue depression?

How to play excellent blue depression?

Nowadays, the acceleration of the pace of life, the fierce competition, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships have increased people’s ideological burden.

As a result, the number of people suffering from depression has also increased dramatically.

So, how to make this blue melancholia no longer permeate and completely implant it?

Experts point out that facing up to the disease and early detection and timely treatment is the best way to prevent depression.

  This kind of necessary psychological help is not the behavior of the weak.

Patients should maintain a good mentality, realize that depression is just a fever and sneezing. As long as you open up with your psychologist, take the initiative to communicate openly with your family and friends, and add appropriate medications, the disease will be cured.

It is not terrible to suffer from it. The terrible thing is that it is hiding and stifling the best treatment period and even causing bitter fruit.

  More importantly, the whole society must eliminate prejudice and replace rescuers to warm the unfortunate people who closed the conflict.

Patients with depression are reluctant to disclose their condition, and some ask for leave of absence to see a doctor. They lie that they have other illnesses, prescribe medicine, and secretly eat on their backs.

This indirectly shows that many people in the society do not know enough about depression, treat patients with cold eyes or discrimination, and spread gossip behind them, making those already scarred souls even worse, and dare not reveal their distress.

  Therefore, people must abandon the pair of colored glasses that treat patients with depression as heretics, think that their personality, have an equal relationship, and have the courage to correct the intervention, give sincere care and care, let them voluntarily jump out of the fence, open the heart lock,He pleaded guilty, realized the beauty and true love on earth, and found the courage to live.

  If you do all the above, why not worry about depression?

It’s not terrible to have depression. What’s terrible is that you know you have “illness”, but you just ignore it.

For your own health and the happiness of your family, let us act quickly.

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