Newborn thirst eats alert to diabetes

Newborn thirst eats alert to diabetes

The incidence of childhood diabetes has been increasing year by year. Experts remind young children and pregnant women to stay away from viruses and chemicals. A two and a half month old baby boy seems to be thirsty at any time, except for occasional unconscious symptoms of syncope.

The baby was diagnosed with a severely diabetic child.

Experts reminded that overcoming pollution and other factors, the incidence of diabetes in infants and children is increasing year by year. The hospital treats more than 10 cases of critically ill children every month, which should cause parents to attach great importance.

Baby boy has a good appetite but loses weight “Impossible, how can such a small baby get diabetes?”

“Yesterday, when Ms. Liu from Wanzhou heard this result, she couldn’t believe her ears.

Doctors are grateful that parents discovered it in time, otherwise the baby would be in danger.

According to Ms. Liu, the baby was born two and a half months ago.

Half a month ago, she found that the child seemed to be very thirsty and she had to hold her pacifier at all times, otherwise she would cry and eat a lot.

Worried that the baby is eating too much, they have to fill the bottle with boiling water to keep the pacifier out of the baby’s mouth.

At the same time, the babies who were already fat and fat began to lose weight, and occasionally they were only in a coma.

Hospital experts initially diagnosed that in addition to genetic mutations and other factors, the baby may be infected with a certain virus after birth, or the mother was exposed to chemicals while developing in the mother.

The number of younger children increases year by year. The children are getting younger and younger, and their condition is getting more and more serious.

In the past four or five years, the incidence of diabetes in infants and young children has increased year by year.

Seven or eight years ago, there were only a few diabetic children admitted to the department every month, but now there are more than 10 severely ill children who are hospitalized every month.

According to statistics, children are getting younger and younger. At present, there are four or five children between the ages of two and three or four in the department, and children aged one or two are more common.

At the same time, the condition is getting worse and worse, some children are seriously comatose, and finally cause a variety of complications such as cerebral edema, which is life-threatening.

Pregnant women should stay away from pollution sources

The medical community has not yet found a correct cause.

But it is certain that in addition to genetic mutations, autoimmunity, and other reasons, it is also closely related to viral infections, drug and chemical pollution.

Studies have shown that many children are short and obese, with excess nutrition, which indicates that babies are susceptible to disease due to changes in their diet.

At the same time, some children have been infected with the virus, and their autoimmunity has decreased, they are also prone to illness.

What is most recognized by the medical community is that due to the increased environmental pollution, excessive oxides may have come into contact with pesticides and other chemicals.

Infants and young children should pay attention to a reasonable diet structure, and the baby should exercise moderately.

Couples who want a baby should quit smoking and limit alcohol. In addition to staying away from radiation, exhaust and other pollution sources during pregnancy, pregnant women should also eat less fruits and vegetables containing pesticide residues.