[Food to kill Helicobacter pylori]_Helicobacter pylori_How to treat_Diet therapy

[Food to kill Helicobacter pylori]_Helicobacter pylori_How to treat_Diet therapy

Helicobacter pylori is harmful to the human body and can cause duodenal ulcers and other stomach problems.

In addition to therapeutic drugs, eat some foods that can kill these bacteria.

Common foods such as yogurt and cabbage can be effectively sterilized.

1, such patients should pay attention to diet and quantitative, nutrient-rich, soft and easy to digest food, small meals, chewing slowly.

Don’t rush to eat, avoid overcooking, avoid hot and sour, fried and stimulating food, avoid smoking and pickled food.

Note that eating habits are not only good for your stomach, but also good for your health.

2. Try to eat less starchy foods.

Develop a good habit of eating small meals and eating regularly.

Don’t eat hard and difficult to digest food, you should follow a regular diet, do not over-excessive fullness, do not go to work on an empty stomach, or sleep on an empty stomach.

3. Decent patients should drink more yoghurt. The phospholipids in yoghurt have a protective effect on the stomach, can increase the acidity of the stomach, and have been harmful to bacteria to secrete toxins. At the same time, increasing the acidity can also kill some bacteria, which is beneficial.The survival of beneficial bacteria promotes gastrointestinal health.

Therefore, drinking more yogurt is not good for the stomach and the digestive system.

4. Avoid foods that cause gastric mucosal damage, develop good habits, pay attention to hygiene, and prevent Helicobacter pylori infection from diet, pay attention to diet hygiene, eat spicy spicy food, avoid tobacco and alcohol.

5, increase nutrition, pay attention to choose high nutritional value of protein foods and vitamin-rich soft foods, such as milk, tofu, carrots and some fermented foods, food should be chewed slowly.

6, cabbage has the effect of antibiotics, can kill a variety of bacteria (including probiotics) containing H. pylori inside.

Drinking two cups of cabbage juice a day can relieve abdominal pain caused by stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers and lead to the healing of both ulcers.

The fresher the cabbage, the stronger the antibacterial ability.