Drinking too much sweet drink can easily lead to auntie liver

Drinking too much sweet drink can easily lead to auntie liver

According to the data provided by the latest Ciming Health Examination Report on the Health Status of Bone Essence in China’s Urban Health Survey, there are currently 26 urban white-collar workers in developing countries.

5% suffer from gastrointestinal, liver and other digestive diseases.

  Other surveys show that the incidence of liver disease in urban white-collar workers is 50 times higher than that of five years ago, and patients are getting younger.

  Wang Fengmei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Tianjin Third Central Hospital, said that the most important reason for the white-collar aunt ‘s liver is to sit more and move less, and to drink bad lifestyles such as sweet drinks.

In clinical patients, such young patients with non-obese pregnant liver are rare.

  Many white-collar workers like to drink sweet drinks such as cola, especially the cold drinks in summer are really enjoyable.

However, research in many countries in Europe and the United States shows that high fructose intake has become a hidden concern for liver health.

  The metabolism of fructose in beverages in the human body is not controlled by phosphofructokinase, and can be converted into more glycerol for adult synthesis.

When the intake of fructose is large, fructose becomes the raw material for synthesis.

  Studies have shown that fructose can reduce the sensitivity of insulin in the human body and the slight ability to handle it, and at the same time, it can cause a small amount of peroxidation in the liver, causing cell death, liver fibrosis and other mutations.

  Fructose is widely used in beverage products because of its low production cost and high sweetness.

Young people are the main consumer group.

Therefore, excessive intake of sweet drinks can easily become a trace culprit in young people.