2 bananas increase the rice, the laxative effect is better than the laxative, safe and effective, 10 people used 9 good


2 bananas increase the rice, the laxative effect is better than the “laxative”, safe and effective, 10 people used 9 good

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Constipation is the difficulty in excretion of the gastrointestinal tract, the difficulty of excretion, and the long-term constipation shifting the body has a considerable impact.

Let’s take a look at the harm that constipation brings to us.

The hidden dangers caused by constipation 1. The disease around the anorectal gastrointestinal tract Due to the dryness of excrement and continuous stay in the stomach, a large number of bacteria multiply cause bacterial reproduction in the stomach and intestines to the health of the stomach.

And further cause perianal abscess, anorectal, anal and so on.

Dry excrement damages the mucous membranes of our gastrointestinal tract, causing damage to the mucous membranes, scratches, anal canal and perianal skin, causing thrombosis.

Constipation causes the stool to be dry and difficult to defecate.

Excretion by force can cause problems in our body and can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, the occurrence of constipation in the stomach and intestines will slow down the peristalsis, and increase the gastrointestinal exhaust, gas production.

In addition, the feces stay in the inertia for a long time, the gas produced by bacterial glycolysis increases, the stomach absorbs the harmful substances produced by bacteria, and invades our gastrointestinal health.

3, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases due to constipation cheers increase the heart rate, heart and brain vascular disease will occur, brain pressure increased, and thus the brain increased blood.

Coronary heart disease is often caused by excessive supply of blood to the heart, excretion and weakness, increased cardiac burden, and severe myocardial infarction.

4, the bacteria that cause mental symptoms between the excreta will produce harmful gases in the face of our body’s blood, the patient will have loss of appetite, dizziness, chest nausea, loss of appetite, bitterness and other systemic symptoms.

This is caused by nerve reflexes and directly affects the health of the human body.

1, diet conditioning 2 bananas, 50g rice, sugar amount.

Peel the banana, choose the net, pick up the mud for use; take the rice to clean, put it in the pot, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge, when cooked, transfer to the banana, sugar, cook again, and boil.

It can clear the heat and invigorate the intestines

Applicable to hemorrhoids hemorrhage, dry stool, constipation, lung deficiency, lung dryness and cough, as well as drunkenness, stomach cramps and so on.

2, dietary supplements supplement fiber, promote interventional peristalsis, supplement fiber supplements to help supplement is the most widely used method to improve constipation in modern times, usually, only for about half a month, constipation problems can be effectively improved,No longer repeat.

In the “New Medicine” recommended – Duruntang supplement fiber supplement, using hawthorn, malt as raw material to extract precipitated fiber particles, can be transformed into conditioning the body’s own health, can absorb beneficial bacteria, adsorption of water to soften the feces instead of fecal expansionIt is more likely to produce defecation reflexes, speed up excretion, and have a good recovery effect on constipation.

Every day, only a certain amount of Runtang water is poured into the water to achieve the effect of laxative, easy to reduce the damage of constipation, return to normal state, and the body becomes healthier.

It is understood that it is very convenient to rush to the baby now and send it home easily.

Constipation is a small problem, we must not, in order to not comply with the pain of constipation, we need to prevent constipation!

1, pay attention to adjust the diet, do not eat too much daily staple food, should eat some coarse grains and vegetables with added cellulose, such as vegetables, spinach, leeks, celery, etc., because these foods have more residue after digestion, can stimulate bowel movements, there areConducive to the discharge of stool.

2, if you have a dry stool, you can eat some sesame, honey or intestines to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and reduce the onset of hemorrhoids.

3, you can eat more coarse grains in your daily diet.

4, get up in the morning to drink a cup of light salt water or honey water, let the water squirm in the stomach, play a lubricating effect, strengthen the laxative effect.