Changeable temperature beware of urethritis

Changeable temperature beware of urethritis

Over the past week, the temperature has fluctuated and fluctuated, and many diseases have occurred frequently.

Urinary tractitis is a frequent disease in spring, which has adverse effects on the life and work of male patients.

Urinary urgency, frequent urination, endless urination, and painful urination often occur. Be careful.

  Changing weather, beware of urethritis. “Under the changing weather, bacteria are most likely to breed. In addition to the special secretion of the urethra, it is easy for some bacteria to invade the urethra and cause urethritis.”

Experts from the Department of Urology, Xi’an 323 Hospital said that urethritis is a common disease, with a high incidence in recent years, which has also brought great pain to patients.

“Urethritis is a common disease in men’s department. It often occurs with symptoms such as urinary tract irritation: frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, dysuria, burning and swelling of the urethra, purulent discharge from the urethra, itchiness of the urethraOf patients with varying degrees of severity, the symptoms of patients with acute diabetes are often more pronounced; systemic symptoms, such as fever, chills, headache fatigue, vomiting, etc., are mainly seen in patients with upper urinary tract infection, especially acute urinary tract infection and associatedPatients with urinary tract obstruction are more common. ”

  Many patients are wondering how they are infected when they know they are infected with urethritis.

For patients’ doubts, experts explain that these factors usually cause men with urethritis: men’s bad habits lead to urinary tract compression, damage, local expansion, congestion, hypoxia, urinary tract mucosal resistance, and easy infectionCauses urethritis; inflammation of male urethral neighbours can also cause urethritis; incomplete treatment can also cause recurrence of urethritis.

Because the treatment is not standardized and unscientific, many pathogens and pathogens have not been completely killed. Instead, they are hidden in deep tissues, and in the warmer season, they encounter pathogenic factors and explode again.

  The dangers of urethritis should not be taken lightly. “Many people will buy medicines once they are infected with urethritis. In fact, the treatment of urethritis medicine is not particularly good, and if the medicine is not right, it is more likely to cause urethritis to be cured.”

Experts reminded that long-term treatment of urethritis can easily cause other complications. Commonly, cystitis and prostatitis are very harmful to male reproductive health.

  ”Urethritis is extremely harmful. About 40% of male infertility patients are caused by infertility due to urethritis without timely and thorough treatment!

“Experts point out that unresolved urethritis or unchecked development will seriously threaten men’s reproductive health and even endanger life.

The biggest feature of urethritis is that it can easily become chronic, and even severe cases can cause chronic renal failure.

In addition, long-term stimulation of urethritis can cause urethral contraction and ejaculation dysfunction, directly affect the urethral epithelium, form scars in the infected area, and can cause dysuria and ejaculation disorders in severe cases, eventually leading to male infertility.

  Experts remind: To prevent male urethritis, we must first develop good personal hygiene habits.

If you find any symptoms, you should immediately go to the distance hospital for a professional examination and perform symptomatic treatment according to the results of the examination.

Urethritis has many pathogenic bacteria, complicated etiology, and it is easy to migrate and develop with urogenital infections such as seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis. Therefore, only by accurate diagnosis of the etiology of urethritis can we differentiate and treat symptomatically and symptomatically.