Little coup self-massage

Little coup self-massage

Take a deep breath to hold the breath through it, then use your hands to beat the chest to the left and right, and then take a deep breath. Repeat this 3 times?
5 times, you can relax the respiratory muscles, reduce or eliminate the pain.

  Nasal bleeding Left nose bleeding Point the left middle finger to the mastoid bulge of the left ear, press the corresponding position on the right nose, tilt your head back, your nostrils face up, and breathe through your mouth, about 3?
The blood stopped in 5 minutes.

  Put a pillow on the spot where you have muscle pain, and push it 10 times with your hand to relax the muscles and relieve spasms.

Hold the head with one hand and the pain point where the thumb of the other hand is inserted, cooperate with both hands to increase the flexion and extension exercise several times.

  Snoring Use the thumb nails of the left and right hands to hold the top of the middle finger firmly. After about 2 minutes, the snoring will disappear; you can also take a deep breath and take a deep breath to stop the snore.

  For insomnia, comb your hair with a comb for 1-2 minutes; pinch your teeth for 2-3 minutes; cover your ears with the hind palms of your hands, and hit the “Tiangu” acupoint of the hindbrain with the index fingers of both hands;

After completing the above actions, lie still, stretch your arms straight into your side, and slow down your breathing.

When you breathe in, you slowly lift your arms to shoulders, and when you exhale, return to the original position, so that the muscles quickly, close your eyes, and your thoughts from top to bottom, that is, from the eyes to the nose to the mouth, the heart, until DantianUsually in about 10 minutes, you can sleep peacefully.

  For migraine, use both hands to forcefully massage the lower part of the big toe of both feet at the same time, which can relieve the headache symptoms in about 5 minutes.

  The chest tightness extends from the palm of your hand along the direction of the front ribs, and your hands are massaged alternately.

At the same time, you should cooperate with breathing, exhale slowly with your nose, and exhale slowly with your mouth.

  Breast swelling is more common before menstrual cramps.

The massage site is the tibia breast, which moves up and down from the outside to the nipple, and gently massages with the palms of the left and right.

  The massage part of dysmenorrhea is under the umbilicus to the small abdomen between the pubic bones, press the upper and lower palms, and massage back and forth from left to right, as fast as you can tolerate.

  Constipation surrounds the umbilical cord and massages the palm 100 times in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Then push down from the right abdomen from bottom to top, then from right to left in the middle and upper abdomen, and finally from top to bottom on the left abdomen.