Hole shoes flip-flops as rain boots What shoes to wear on a dangerous rainy day?

Hole shoes flip-flops as rain boots What shoes to wear on a dangerous rainy day?

What many people don’t know is: Hole shoes are not only dangerous on elevators, they are also unsafe in the rain.

A heavy rain has made many places into cities that can “see the sea”.

The reporter saw that many men and women on “Treading” wore holes in their feet!

In addition to the hole shoes that have just been “condemned”, girls wear more flip-flops.

So, what harm do these two shoes make as rain boots?

The reporter conducted an interview.

  The reporter encountered “hole shoes” when the rain boots fell four feet to the sky on rainy days to wear shoes to work?

Like many ladies, the reporter also believes that “hole shoes” are the best-flat bottoms are easy to walk, wet with rain and do not worry about deformation and deterioration, feet are dirty, just flush the office water, no more convenient than this shoeAlready.

  It rained yesterday, and the reporter stepped on the newly-purchased “hole shoes” to go out.

But it didn’t take long to discover that the shoes were not powerful.

  ”Hole shoes” do not accumulate water but are not waterproof. The water penetrates through the “holes”, but the dust particles are left in the shoes, and it is not comfortable to creak along the way-this is not the biggest problem;”Dongdong shoes” as rain boots, the most worrying thing is slipping.

Because the soles of the “hole shoes” are smooth, and the wet feet are more slippery, it is necessary to “force” the toes all the way and “grasp” the soles.

  The reporter was careful all the way. The ordinary asphalt road was okay. I didn’t expect that the unit was still approaching the problem: when it hit the marble floor, it was like oil on the soles of the feet.

  Citizens said that flip-flops were good when the rain boots were too dirty. The reporter met Miss Li at Xinjiekou.

Ms. Li works in Jiangning. The company does not have strict requirements on dress code. In rainy days, she likes to match shorts with flip-flops.

Yesterday when I went out to do business, I was troubled near the housekeeper’s bridge: “Think about it being longer and dirty, why can’t I get on my feet.

“Ms. Lin, a colleague with Miss Li, because she is older, usually pays attention to health. The youngest people are not familiar with wearing flip-flops.

She told reporters, “Traditional Chinese medicine says that cold starts from the feet, what is the difference between wearing flip-flops and stepping on the water barefoot?

“Ms. Lin thinks it is convenient to use high heels on rainy days. It is best to add a thick bottom so that your feet are not wet.

But walking on the road yesterday, she almost stomped.

  Ladies are worried, and men are not easy.

Faced with heavy rain, many men also played sandals, and the problems encountered were not separated from the ladies.

“Even wearing leather shoes is useless. With such deep water, the shoes and socks are all wet!

I think it’s convenient for girls to wear sandals.

“Citizen Mr. Ning is helpless.

  ● Experts suggest that you should not wear narrow heels and similar shoes on rainy days.

The Chief Physician of the Qin Geng Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital recommends wearing shoes that fit better in the rain, such as travel shoes and casual shoes.

When choosing sandals, women should try to choose shoes with a wider heel area, as this can protect their feet from being easily injured.

And if the sandals you wear are relatively small, or the heels are high, walking in the rain will cause a lot of inconvenience, and it is easy to sprain if the ground is slippery.

  There are also some citizens who are worried about the “cold starts from the feet.” Zhao Wenbin, deputy chief physician of Nanjing First Hospital, said that cold feet can easily damage the yang, but the temperature is relatively high in summer, so citizens do not need to worry too muchcold.
However, if your feet are above your office air conditioner and the temperature is low, cold can easily invade your body.

During the rainy day, molds are easy to grow, and there are many bacteria in the ground sewage. This also needs the attention of the public.

Citizens are advised to prepare a pair of cloth shoes for replacement in the office, and they should also wash them in time after washing and dry their feet.