7 most common sleep mistakes white-collar workers make

7 most common sleep mistakes white-collar workers make

Women are born to sleep better than men, but there are more women who don’t sleep well than men. In fact, you may “sleep wrong”. No wonder you are so tired!

  [Mistake one]Exercise after work is better for sleep → Women with insomnia do exercise before work, it is more difficult to sleepThe phase difference is the time from when you go to bed to when you wake up). People go to bed early, and women wake up early when they go to bed late. Their schedules are seriously contrary to the physiological clock.Into chronic insomnia.

  Experts point out that in the middle of falling body temperature from the highest to the lowest, people will start to want to sleep.

Usually men are at 4?
Body temperature is highest at 6 o’clock in the morning?
Body temperature is lowest at 6 o’clock in the evening at 10?
I want to sleep at 12 o’clock.

Female at 2 in the afternoon?
Body temperature is highest at 4 o’clock in the morning?
Body temperature is lowest at 4 o’clock in the evening at 8?
10 o’clock want to sleep, girls should want to sleep 2 hours earlier than boys, it makes sense to go to bed early and get up early.

  But the body temperature of women with sleep disorders, their maximum body temperature, minimum body temperature, delayed by 4?
At 6 hours, I should have wanted to sleep at 10 o’clock, but I didn’t go to bed at 4 am, and got up again in the morning.

  Women who have insomnia caused by shifting their sleep phase backwards, if they want to sleep well all night, run for exercise after work, thinking: “Relax, maybe sleep better.

“It’s just the opposite.

Sunlight, exercise, diet, etc. will affect the physiological clock. In the evening exercise, when the sunset enters the eyes, it is equivalent to tell the brain that before the rest time, the physiological clock still moves backward.

When you enter the gym, the bright lights also remind the brain to continue working without stopping.

  On the contrary, the morning sun will induce the physiological clock to move forward, and some people fall asleep early, so: female insomnia should exercise in the morning and eat breakfast.

  [Error two]Go to bed late, then be late → It will disturb the physiological clock. You must get up late, and you must get up early, and get up at a fixed time, because getting up is the focus of adjusting your physiological clock.

Force yourself to be exposed to the early morning sunlight, especially when it is already bright, but when the sunlight is not dazzling: before about 7 in summer and before about 8 in winter.

At this time, the blue spectrum of sunlight has the potential to help adjust the disordered physiological clock.

  [Error three]stay up late from Monday to Friday to work overtime, and sleep well on the sixth day → weekends can’t get up two hours later than usual, maybe more and more tired to sleep more office workers one to the weekend seriously bed, some people sleep until noon, or even get up in the afternoon, thinkTake advantage of the opportunity to make up for your sleep, so that you sleep more and more tired. You can’t get up two hours later than usual on the weekend, otherwise there will be a time difference (physical clock).

  You get up late on the weekend, and you may not be able to go to bed early on Sunday night, but you have to get up early on Monday to catch up with work. Those who ca n’t sleep will become more anxious and end up having difficulty sleeping all night.
Moreover, the physiological clock is serious. It is easy to move backward, but it is difficult to move forward.

  If there are many things, and bedtime is often delayed, the average office worker often holds the idea of staying up late on Monday to Friday and replenishing sleep on Saturday and Sunday, but he actually sleeps wrong.

  Experts provide the “3: 1” rule-there is no way to sleep well in 3 days. As long as you go to bed earlier on the 4th day, you can make up for sleep in the previous 3 days, which can make up for the sleep that was deprived in the previous 3 days.

But get up every other day at a fixed time, or get up no more than two hours later than usual.

  In addition, vitamin B12 (such as liver, meat, etc.) also has a time-adjusting effect.

Although melatonin also has this effect, it is currently not approved for the treatment of insomnia. Even if you buy it abroad, the product ingredients and dosages are different. Experts do not recommend it because melatonin is a time-lag and does not help sleep.Features.
  [Error 4]The pillow is too high. From a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

Too low, easy to cause “falling pillow”, or too much blood injected into the brain, causing brain swelling the next day, puffy eyelids; too high, it will affect the unobstructed airway, easy to snore, and long-term high pillow, easy to cause inappropriate orHumpback.

  [Error 5]Pillows with your hands under your head when sleeping, in addition to affecting blood circulation and causing numbness in the upper limbs, will also easily increase intra-abdominal pressure. Over time, “reflux esophagitis” will occur.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use both hands as pillows when sleeping.

  [Error 6]When sleeping against the wind, the human body’s ability to adapt to changes in the environment is reduced and it is susceptible to cold illness.

The ancients believed that the wind is a disease with all kinds of diseases, and good behaviors can change a few;

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid opening the air in the sleeping place, and the bed should be at a certain distance from the window and door.

  [Error seven]Sit and sleep. Some people have enough food to sit on the sofa, turn on the TV, and make tea again, which is comfortable enough.
May be too tired to work and fell asleep while watching TV, which makes the second biggest hidden danger!

Because sitting and sleeping is expected to reduce the heart rate slowly, blood vessels dilate, and less blood flows to various organs.

In addition, the digestion of the stomach requires blood supply, which increases the brain’s hypoxia, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus.

Some people say that they will take a break at noon, who will take a quilt to the unit, just find a place to stay.