Adhere to an action, so that the knees more durable

Be kind to your knees and let it go with more distant place, put an eye-opener, this world can give you too many, not in the creek to turn the boat。
Even if you're not a tourist and outdoor enthusiasts, old age to have a healthy knee will be your big capital。
Adhere to an action, so that the knees are more durable if unable to complete the previously described "duck-step" or knees issued a "distress signal", it is recommended to see a doctor immediately to avoid chronic injury, leading to worse results。
If the knee is no problem, exercise can make the knee stronger, more durable, adhere to a little trick – straight leg raising, it is good。As shown, the first firmly secured, the seat remains outside the range of the knee joint, and then the entire leg Bengzhi firmly maintaining a horizontal state, while the hard toe hook, this time can be clearly felt thigh muscle tension。Adhere to raise the leg for 30 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, then repeated。
(Due to the small demonstration wounding his brother, too fast, we must be persistent, keep your legs elevated, tense muscles 30 seconds and then down) Do not underestimate this simple action, and exercise can strengthen the quadriceps strength, so knee more stable。
Whether it is knee after injury or surgery recovery, or prevention of osteoarthritis of the knee, you can do this exercise。
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