What are the signs of pre-menstrual women?Early prevention (1)

  In daily life, many of my friends will appear before the advent of more or less made of some of the symptoms, there will be some uncomfortable feeling and temperament change, and that they know that come the holidays, such as pelvic sense of falling, back pain, headache, breast swelling, edema, restlessness, irritability, etc., known as premenstrual discomfort。
General lesser extent without treatment。
But some women premenstrual symptoms are severe, affecting work and life, called premenstrual syndrome。
  But before symptoms often vary, some people might have a serious performance, it was not obvious symptoms, some people simply do not perceptible symptoms。
So, before the symptoms of menstruation which in the end it will not be affected by the emotional impact does menstruation?  Before symptoms following main points: 1, before coming to the symptoms may be fatigue, general malaise, sadness, lethargy, or even no reason to cry or rage。
  2 seriously, do not want to ignore their families and good friends, the loneliness bedridden, often accompanied by breast tenderness, bloating small, constipation; there are those who premenstrual 1?3 days additional weight and have swelling, swollen fingers, especially early morning, afternoon leg swelling。
  3, there is another concern that some people are not integrated in the premenstrual force, forgetfulness, to determine the victims, action is not divided equally, headache and other symptoms。
  Experts, the earliest symptoms of the above aspects may occur in premenstrual 10?14 days in normal premenstrual 4?5 days, to be followed by ablation of the symptoms of cramps。
It should be noted that the above symptoms does not occur simultaneously in one person, which usually only occurs 1?2 kinds。
  Why would appear before the above symptoms, immediately clear, but generally agreed that the young girl on the rapid changes in physical development, lack of comprehensive development of the nervous system, endocrine-related loss of coordination。
There are other aspects, such as the lack of vitamins, ovarian contamination, the fungal cell growth, may induce or aggravate the symptoms of early signs by the summary。  Expert Tip: Early syndrome usually occurs in 7 to 14 days before menstruation, after the first 2-3 days of the heaviest, after passing the symptoms disappeared or significantly reduced。There are many uncomfortable, all vary。
Some women more prominent edema, some women breast tenderness obvious, mainly women and some psychiatric symptoms。
Sometimes, several symptoms co-exist, and therefore varying degrees。  Edema generally appear in the premenstrual week may also have edema usually aggravated by the former。Because of edema, weight gain。There also comes with edema, headache, runny nose, legs heavy, bloating, constipation, etc.。Breast pain may first appear, also appear after the。There are small nodules in the breast, touch the pain, after passing easier, but again appears next to pre-menstrual pain situation。