Children's toys Crystal mud containing deadly poison borax (1)

  The past six months there is fire "Crystal mud" on some video software, students are often used to make slime, but recently there are children due to crystal mud cup installed over water use。It is reported that one of the highly toxic material crystal mud, remember to let the children away!  Common cause in children as follows: The powder containing boric acid, boric acid powder or the like is applied ointment massive trauma, diaper rash and eczema, scrub nurse multiple applications boric acid solution is baby sucks the nipple, toddler drinking or boric acid water quench thirst eating large amounts kill cockroaches or pellet (containing 30% boric acid); boric acid solution applied malfunction saline injected。
Pediatric oral lethal dose of boric acid is generally 5?6G, because the baby had a lethal oral boric acid 1 g。  Since the boric acid treatment similar traits with salt, sugar, easily lead to mistaken as salt added to food or by mistake as a child to eat sugar, so the family has boric acid should be properly kept to avoid salt, sugar and other mix。When a large area of skin damage should avoid contact with acid, once the skin, eyes and other exposed parts of the contact should be rinsed with water acid。
  1.Vomiting, gastric lavage, oral cathartic acid, immediately chosen and 2% vomiting?5% sodium bicarbonate solution (do not use), physiological saline or the like lukewarm water gastric lavage。Catharsis after gastric lavage poured over sodium sulfate, other parts of the contaminated acid and the like should also washed with saline, water or soapy water。  2.Intravenous saline infusion of glucose and plasma treatment to accelerate excretion of toxic shock and are useful。
Intravenous saline may。If acid, sodium lactate or sodium bicarbonate solution application amount, correct dehydration, acidosis after continuous intravenous infusion of 5%?10% glucose solution and sodium, alkaline urine is maintained, in order to facilitate the discharge of boric acid。Seriously ill patients can consider exchange transfusion, hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis therapy。  3.Due to a large area of skin damage caused by absorption of a large amount of boric acid, should be rinsed with plenty of warm soapy water at skin damage。
  4.In addition to use of sedatives for convulsions, and discretion with 10% calcium gluconate 10?20 ml of glucose solution were added 20?40ml slow intravenous injection within。