Do not know why fat?6 habits to make you fat deal is off (1)

  Inventory fattening of six habit to eat fried food fried chicken, french fries, salt revive chicken, tempura dishes in Japan, are outside wrapped in a thick layer of fried batter, although the increase in taste, but it draws too much fat。
Accidentally eat the required amount of fat a day。  Eat high-calorie foods actually put it more bluntly is not to late night, since sleep at night when the body's parasympathetic active cause stomach and intestines slow down, speed up the synthesis of fat, which is what you eat before going to bed at night, almost always converted to fat accumulation in the body。The best way is to three hours before bedtime in addition to beverages, non-food。  Commercially available canned drink sugary drinks, foil-wrapped best drink beverages, even fruit juice or tea, coffee, and even sports drinks, etc., are also adding a lot of sugar。The safest and healthy is to drink mineral water, boiled water。
And drink plenty of water can also concerned about fat burning it!  Drinking too much alcohol is to produce high-calorie drinks, one gram of alcohol yields up 7 kilocalories, second only to fat calories produced, although only about 3% of the beer degree of alcohol, but there are 11% sugar degree, and the amount of beer is much greater。A bottle of beer production is equivalent to 100 grams of calories calories of food production, drink more equivalent to eat a lot of food, excess energy will be stored as fat。
  Air conditioning hot days are often open air, cold open heating, indoor long constant temperature of 20 degrees will make the body's metabolism slows down Metro, reduce heat consumption。
Moreover, in the warm temperatures, it is easy to sedentary, long past, fat is the fact that sooner or later。
Night network Weapon: Keep Weileng slightly warm like, do not let yourself be too warm。
Hot summer weather can occasionally air conditioning, but do not ever open。Or you can use a fan instead of air conditioning。  Cover figure wearing loose-fitting clothing to cover the body: if not a liking to a certain part of the body, most people think of first is the "cover", with a loose, dark clothing line presentation figure flaws。As everyone knows, this ostrich attitude will make you miss the warning, until finally the day minus not cover it too difficult。
Only by facing his own body problem, in order to perform more targeted weight loss program, sculpture lines, the fat strangled in the cradle。