Hill 29 points and the Spurs become madman postseason the Mavericks lost the Tri-Cities forced to abyss

  Ticker on April 26, at home to Spurs beat the Mavericks 92-89, big score to 3-1 lead。
  Spurs win each have different people come out, and today is the George – Hill, 11 of his 16 shots, scored 29 points, more than the sum of the first three-game scoring。
Manu – Manu Ginobili 17 points and seven assists, Richard – Jefferson scored 15 points, Tony – Parker 10 points。
Tim – Duncan 9 vote only in 1, only 4 points, but 11 rebounds。
  With home advantage the Mavericks began this series, but now they are gaining on the abyss。 Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki 17 points and 11 rebounds, Carter – Butler 17 points, Shawn – Shawn Marion 14 points and seven rebounds, Jason – Jason Kidd 10 points, seven rebounds and five assists。 Terry income all contributed 13 points in the fourth quarter, but still could not save Mavericks。   Like in previous years, one to the playoffs, the Spurs again rejuvenated。
Although the old legs will slow down their speed, but their morale has always been the strongest。 While the Mavericks have home advantage, but in front of the playoffs madman, soon lost all。   The first section there are 3 minutes 49 seconds, Hill hit third, the Spurs will recover as the score 13-15。 Parker shot twice thereafter, the Spurs will score beyond。
Calf could not have made in the last four minutes, during which the two free throws Terry, Butler was blown offensive foul。 Until more seconds of this section, the Mavericks scored only by the Barea layup, but Hill immediately to a record pointer by the Cavaliers, the Spurs to 20-17 end of this section。
  Mavericks second massive counterattack。 This section there are 2 minutes and 24 seconds, Barea third succeeded, calf complete attack wave 23-4, in 7 minutes, only two spurs succeeded。 The Spurs trailed by 14 points, Hill hit third again before the end of this section, chasing the score 37-48 Spurs。   The third quarter and 7 minutes and 47 seconds, the Mavericks still to 57-47 double-digit lead。
However, this section next time become their nightmare, during which time they could not shooting, Dirk Nowitzki free throw scored only 2 points。 Mike Allardyce and Jefferson are continuous succeeded, while Hill had 11 points in this section and。 Although the missed two free throws before the end of this section, the Spurs 66-59 to gain advantage, 29-11 to win them in this section。
  Mavericks in the last eight minutes, not shooting, 10 points from the lead into a 7 points behind。 There IV 8 minutes 52 seconds, with a fine cast Nowitzki scored 3 points, calf chasing the score 69-72。
Mike Allardyce also layup with a ball, then he assists Hill, who once again hit third, the Spurs to regain the 8-point advantage。
  San Antonio was leading by 13 points, the Mavericks finally aroused fighting spirit, a wave of attacks hit 16-5, and when there are seconds in the game after Terry hit the third, chasing the score 87-89。
After Ginobili hit two free throws, Nowitzki missed shots, although Kidd steals, but also failed to hit the third shot。
Mavericks just foul, Jefferson made two free throws, to seal the victory for the Spurs。
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