Volume is the key issue will be whether to enlarge

After the Spring Festival holiday, the main stock index trend ushered in the first trading day a good start, there is expected before the stock index gapped sharply trend disk, but all-day overall performance, significantly stronger than expected, the stock index opened side by side is stronger film media, airlines, etc. these are all news of the plate during the festival, such as video-than-expected box office sales stimulation。 Hainan Airlines has largely benefited tourism and the Spring Festival and the thirtieth anniversary of Hainan and other stimuli。
In these plate strong rise, the index maintain high and volatile, while Hainan plate, and AI chip stocks compensatory growth oversold after pushing, indicating the current speculation in financial markets or in the event of being driven mainly。 Plus the volume is obviously inadequate, volume 150 billion today make up a significant amount does not appear, relative to the latter, such a large increase, and no support volume, indicating that the current market is still the stock of money in the game after the Chinese New Year red envelopes this market, but also restricted the impact of the Chinese New Year holiday, although many sectors on the disk concepts are rising, but the sector rose more, so the volume can not support strong and powerful plate effect, more show is a stock market, it can be said the current market strength, just grab a red envelope price speculation。 Afternoon stock market is still the continuation of the early running pattern of high and volatile, however, and the difference is early, early in the small cap strength of the trend is changing, theme stocks shot up after the fall trend, while the blue-chip full strength again, because the volume is very limited, there is no amount of energy in the afternoon, the blue-chip banks and other strong, but the market caused a seesaw effect, leading to an overall fall theme stocks, on disk, Guizhou Maotai, banking and insurance and other major blue chips pulled a wave trend , subject shares have come down, continuous strong lithium stocks and other profit-taking trend, so the market this seesaw effect also confirmed that the characteristics of the current stock market game。
Shrinkage broad based high probability can not be sustained, the fastest tomorrow morning will begin to sharply differentiate concussion, unless there are more new money for admission, but the probability is very small, Thursday's opener was the main blue chips, but consume a lot of money, want to pull the large blue-chip continuous need of funds to more accommodate blue chip stocks and themes go hand in hand little more realistic, so the dish has been analyzing the issue volume, the volume can quickly return to the market outlook to 230 billion 280 billion market is the key to sustainability arise where。
Early in the vicinity of 3070-3100 main recommendations focus on banking, insurance and other major blue-chip bargain-hunting opportunity victimizes, where Ge is recommended to keep profits gradually leave, blue chip up the stage, singing the subject shares which is almost the same truth, but concerned about the subject shares shall be changed before chasing stocks of pure habit, more attention to the performance of substantial growth, the valuation of some stocks undervalued expected as the main target。