Rich girl Chinese partner affection father refused to send text messages: you die

August 14, according to Chinese living network reported, Liao Xiaoen since last August, and Wright set up a film production company called GTMPictures and agreed to invest 10 million yuan produced three movie theme。 Work in the White occasion, also involved in film production Liaoxiao En daughter, 32-year-old Liao Wendy, Wright began to initiate the pursuit Meng Lie。 According to information provided by Liao Wendy social media, she attended the University of Sydney, Australia Engineering。
During the pursuit, Wendy Liao not only invited him to dine out together, still in the process of the two movies, will continue to hand on White body and sent him all kinds of gifts, but all were returned to Wright。
After Liao Wendy since, Liao Wendy began to call White "bitch" in company meetings, and track him under a false name in a variety of social media, one day in January 2017, she was in the case of drunken, there have been dwelling in White residential building hall。
After a good show rejected, harassed each other with words and malicious attacks, producer stand it, unbearable alarm, anti Wendy Liu was expelled。 Liao Wendy Wright sent text messages and e-mail and telephone harassment。
Recently, producer Wendy Wright will Liao, Liao Xiaoen and GTMPictures report on the Manhattan Supreme Court, Wendy Liao is currently facing a vicious harassment allegations。
White said that after yourself fired, can not get its production produced "Frankenstein time" profits, thus requiring compensation。 Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。