Toronto Chinese woman driver car crashed against the glass burst into fried chicken shop

The restaurant is on the glass door smash。 Source: Home Canada January 17 electric Recently, in Toronto for a micro-channel group in crazy pass。 Video footage showed a white sport utility vehicle directly into a roadside fried chicken shop, crashed against the glass storefront。
According to Canadian homes reported that 16 evening, located in Fort Admiralty 多伦多士嘉 a chicken restaurant in town suddenly "lucky accident", because just recently under the snow, some slippery ground, in a white car out of control into the state roadside fried chicken shop, half of the body are trapped inside。 This thrilling scene is shot down tachograph。 After receiving public alarm, police rushed to the scene and cordoned off the white car driving away Chinese woman driver。
At present, the police yet released the results of the accident investigation。 Source: Home Canada reported that 1.Slow down。 Snow drove most important thing is to slow down, slowly open only to avoid accidents。
Especially in the snow into ice road, be sure to slow down steadily through the icy roads。
2.Prohibit brakes。 Snow driving most taboo braking, skidding or easily lead to rear-end, even if the vehicle has ABSEBD, but also a high risk factor。
So to tap the brakes, lifted his foot after a few clicks。 3.Keep the car clear line of sight。 Large temperature difference between inside and outside the car snow, fog car glass easily, resulting in blurred vision, should be promptly open window demisting function, or the open air, with a towel, etc.。 Driving clear line of sight to ensure safety on the road。
4.Be careful of pedestrians turning。 Pay special attention to slippery snow when cornering brake car。
When the car turning to avoid pedestrians and vehicles。 Fives.The segment selection level of the vehicle chassis。
Snow, icy roads many places, some places even end up with a thick layer of ice, if the chassis of the vehicle is low, do not pass, and to avoid being caught or dragged chassis。 6.Not free to use wipers。 Snow wiper easy to freeze, so do not thaw before using the wipers to avoid damaging the motor。 Try to manually wipe the glass with a damp cloth, such as the front windshield of snow or ice after thawing to use wipers。 7.Note abnormal sound vehicles。 If the vehicle is standing outside in the snow a long time, easy on the brakes and handbrake freeze, when the vehicle starts, if there is abnormal sound, the first not forced to start the vehicle, you should check the brakes if frozen, frozen if possible with a wooden stick beat hub, the ice burst open。
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