Strait cum Hong Kong experts to discuss innovation and development of the textile industry

China news agency, Wuhan, May 20 – Seventh Cross-Strait cum Hong Kong textile Academic Forum held in Wuhan on the 20th, three places from more than 20 textile institutions more than 240 experts and scholars attending。 The forum is organized by the Wuhan Textile University, with "green textiles, new life" as its theme。
Content intelligence experts around the textile fabrics and products to the forefront of international fashion design, green technology, textile processing, communication, textile disciplines to explore the latest scientific research and progress in research and industry in the current, and expand exchanges, discussions and cooperation。
Forum President of the General Assembly, Taiwan Feng Chia University Distinguished Professor Lin Jiahong said in an interview, should strengthen the young students, scholars and the exchange of talent cultivation, various institutions to local conditions, to create specialty。 Chinese Academy of Engineering Yao Mu said that the current existence of China's textile industry labor costs, transportation costs, environmental costs higher governance issues, resources to be innovative, green production, pay special attention to technological innovation。
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Hu Jinlian that "along the way" so that the construction of the ancient Silk Road and revitalize the machine, the textile industry should seize the opportunities of the times, to carry out regional and even global exchange and cooperation。
She suggested that the official introduction of preferential policies, regulations and research institutions to break through technical difficulties, consumers attention and support, to promote the development of the industry tripartite collaboration。
Strait cum Hong Kong textile Academic Forum since 2010, made many achievements in the promotion of the three textile industry development, personnel training, teacher exchanges, student exchanges, scientific and technological progress, etc.。 (Ma Lang Li Furong)。