Short ghost stories: scared friend's sister

Short ghost stories: scared friend's sister!Life, many people, especially afraid of ghosts, but this happens to some people's curiosity, to ghost stories also particularly interested in, then this small series to tell you a short ghost story called scare friend's sister。 Short ghost stories: scared friend's sister This is a mother and grandmother said to me, they say that in the first seven-year-old sister, would cry and shout while sleeping。
In my grandfather's death, my sister and I moved in with my grandmother slept。
For several days, late grandmother will hear my sister yelling, "Do not catch me, I do not go," my sister would have been kicked, but wake up to the dawn。
Grandmother woke her sister cried when, sure she was sober。 Listen to my grandmother, she always shake on one night a few times。 Three days later, my sister suddenly back to normal。 A friend and I and my sister relations are very good, once to my house, and we crammed sleep, and sleep until I chat up。 That day as usual, talk to three people are asleep。 At 5 am, woke my friend, and looked in dismay took my hand, low voice, trembling, said: "You are quick to help me open the door, I'm going home。
"I just sleep, was awakened very upset:" What is so urgent?"I looked at the time。 Short ghost stories friends ignore me: "Hurry to help me open the door, I want to go back!"I said," sleep for a while, and so my sister up, and then we go out to eat breakfast。
"My friends have been screaming states:" I asked you not to call your sister。
I want to go back, quick to help me open the door。
"I was not happy the fights, she went downstairs to the door:" open to open, you better give me a reasonable explanation。 "。