Just, Yingmuhuadao and lore!28 years or his newbest

Two days ago, in "Shonen JUMP '50th anniversary, Shueisha released a newspaper" Shonen JUMP Exhibition News ", contains four outside number: Shinjuku issued in" Dragon Ball "number issued outside Akihabara" game King "outside Kichijoji issued No." "No. outside there is a tremendous stir in basketball circles, issued in Shinjuku Yokohama" Blues outside Slam Dunk "No. No. outside this title are eye-catching characters that read: Kanagawa representatives – northern Hunan, fight to the death to win!Defending champion Wang Shan Industrial defeat。 The following together with the small print reads: last second, the North of players Yingmuhuadao lore, Sanno counter-attack。 Really see people splinters, 28 years, we are old, they are still teenagers, nice!That game, I believe we still remember it Qing。
In the face of that Sanno aura plus body, the North of the state estimation is now talking about "junk reveals a strong"。 Sakuragi critical moment for save, resulting in back injuries。
Daddy told him he could not beat me, might not be playing basketball again later crushed。
Sakuragi was saying, the same young and impulsive us, moved to splinters。 He said: "The old man, your most glorious moment was the era of national champion it?As for me, it is now。
"And then play, and vote in a general mid-range jumper, the king of the mountain lore。 This is the blood, which is the youth!Comic devotes nearly 40 pages, which describe the last few seconds。 Full no language, only the picture, but it gives a sense of tension to suffocation。 Later, there is always not seen this cartoon of people ask me, good-looking it in the end where, as for so many years you never forget this point。
This house will always see this scene to him, and asked him to read it moved?No accident, the answer is no。
Yes ah, now if it is to soak Chinese wolfberry mug, I saw this scene probably not cry, and even feel the urge to Sakuragi, that if he listened to the father, might be able to be more successful。
The adult world is so utilitarian calculation of success or failure, it will gradually replace the young and reckless impulse。
But when we care about more than the pros and cons, the more nostalgic impulse was just by the likes and dislikes of one's youth。
We never forget that the North of the group of teenagers, but never more than a group of teenagers。 Comic strip of the end date is June 17, 1996, the last nearly 22 years.。
That year, Akagi just Gazette and the words "The next step is the national competition," we to wait an entire youth。 Waiting, waiting, we old。
Then I understand, why they can not dominate the North of the country, Takehiko Inoue Why would a band before the national contest, the story here why suddenly ended。 Because the reality is, you crush on the school beauty will eventually marry someone else, you young dreams will eventually let the matter rest, but you used to think the last big thing that。
This is the youth……So the more so on the more afraid that he turned around and become like us old, I have not the national competition, could not find traces of youth。
Later, Inoue Takehiko finally drawn to the national competition, but have not been watching this house。 I'm scared, scared after reading it, they really old scattered。 Scared like those written in the same humanistic, chuanfeng did not go to the United States Mumu extraordinary basketball career also stopped in the North of the era of Mitsui eventually abandoned because of the year can not continue basketball career……Afraid of those young blood had the basketball when faith, just like us finally getting away from basketball。
Now we finally need not fear!From 1990 began serialization to today, the past 28 years, they are still young year Kanagawa God Wufei Yang。
No headlines just outside, and they defeated the king of the hill Industry。
Reciprocating time, except to stay in them, we admire the boy, always teenager。 They still love basketball, 28 years as one day。