The classic yoga to help you train a body good

What action has the classic yoga is that we are very familiar with a sport, and it is not only the body has many benefits, but also to make the body become more sexy, so many female friends are into the sport among the。
So what does yoga have the following Xiaobian introduce several classical yoga for everyone, help you train a body good!The classic yoga in a tree-style feet together, beginning with the mountain pose, fully open toe stretch, use your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles around the knee。
Straighten your spine, shoulders and Student Groups。
Hands together to make a prayer gesture, thumb close to the chest, elbows close to the body flexion。
Lift the left foot, attached to the inside of the right leg, and then maintain the balance of his body, adhere to 5 seconds, but if your body is not too soft, or poor flexibility, then left it on the leg and foot joints position yourself like a tree root in the ground。
2, crescent-type posture from the beginning of the tree, left foot a big step backward, heel raised, legs straight, your right knee flexion, back and forth in a straight line, arms held up, hands together, pressed down shoulders and back, keeping five breathing time。 The classic yoga if you think that yoga is not a real exercise, then come try this action!Your thighs will tell you it's feeling。 3, crescent-shaped beginning from the warrior style, the flat foot, the toe turn 30 degrees, still straight legs, hips 90 degrees。 Right heel to keep a line with his left foot back, knees at 90 degrees, hips, shoulders and body relax, center, Stretch your arms, shoulder high, palm down。
Straining stretch your fingertips, as if to touch the wall。 Eyes focused on the middle finger of his right hand, keeping 5 times breathing。