n hate to time, Pei Ming really just put aside juniors, Lin Stars say there is a problem on the repair to ask, has been followed in the next, Pei Ming really the last rush to meet, he said that he would pick up a cloud temple, considered the knot, she watched the Young and junior sister apprentice Sword leave, he was relieved.

  ”Ming really, did well today.”Pei Naochun not cancel the effect of hidden characters, but followed his son’s side,
  Pei Ming true grin, just as no广州桑拿ne of her brothers look in front of others, full of childish: “I do not do what you say okay?”He thought for a moment then asked, ‘head, when I Liandao yesterday, it seems vaguely felt the knife meaning, indeed, could not fathom.’
  He frowned, also followed by hand gestures, in this life, he is really distractions, although often to a task martial art, can also do not need brainer, but wherever, in accordance with the orders on the line, the lessons teach Shidishimei when he can look back problems of their own practice, there is a problem, if older students can not be resolved, do not worry, you can go directly to the father, even if his father did not understand, he will be asked to help.
  After Pei Naochun helpless, I’ve helped lay down the burden of the child’s head, he can be said to be single-minded, I hit on swordsmanshi都市体验网p, and eight horses dragged back, but indeed, than the same period last generation, to Some more achievements, even the door of the elders were seen say, the future of unlimited potential.
  He change the subject, but that is part of his really curious: “Ming really, who today I see new small junior sister apprentice, and your北京夜网 relationship is very good.”
  ”Master, you do not say that the.”Pei Ming really could not help but sigh, his inner struggle,” I know I have to care juniors, but they really made me a lot less time Liandao, recently hard-won in the mountain, find a can of concentrate Liandao boundaries, do not disturb people by.”
  Pei Naochun moment, those things last genera