elderly incense five elements, but also be grateful to the people invented the exercises, it is generally not the outer door exchange books with each other, if you are short of money, you can go to the mountains outside the book sold, a better instinct be苏州桑拿gan to change.”

  He was busy explaining, when he also depressed too, why not just feel directly to them, and then I hear brothers say, the old man resting here, no one knows, they have received grace, and remember the name, to help people do something, the next practice, it would not be demons.
  Wentian but only looked at the pillow, his days carefully, it secretly at midnight, braving the moon open book, what is the purpose?Under the pillow next to him in bed, and actually there is such a?Re panic, but also hard simply said: “Nothing, brother, I just thought you were a good spiritual roots.”
  ”That’s good.”Li Dahai open-minded smile, he continued to pack down.
  ”Yes, Lee brothers.”Wentian Youde opening,” I see a mountain cliff, there is always a lot of the brothers gathered there, I am very curious, not too close to the nerve, and wou广州桑拿网ld like to inquire about brothers.”
  ”That ah.”Li Dahai voice was full of laughter,” you can also go head before jumping over it in that!Everyone says, digging the point where the soil back on the bed, to repair a beneficial encounter not liking things that can go touch the ground, thanks to a prayer, always resolve.”He seemed by magic, a hand turn, and from nowhere, took out a bottle of crystal glass, inside is a small piece of dry earth,” Look, I have this.”
  ”So this is ah.”Wentian do not know how they are sound, and throat interference, immune even to speak.
  So this is.
  He is nothing but stupid, if not stupid, how will advance paranoid fear of people have asked leaked the news?If it were not stupid, I do not know how to wait two days, go on a class wondering?
  Son-day operation?This is simply not take sides with him the slightest!
  This is the first Wentian being angrily, Hentia