though the contribution point is nothing, but this is their common wish.

  ”No.”Wentian managed to cheer up, go out,” There is no problem.”
  ”That’s how you become so to Young?”The disciples could not help but ask, can not be Wentian heard these words, he was just so selfishly walked out to the back of people scratching their heads.
  For Wentian concerned, no problem, the biggest problem is, these two books, if it is put together, to do the same old, get in front of an estimated five elements of the old man, he can not tell, but this is exactly the same two books, one will be able to change as long as ten point contribution to, and even one day reveal park wages are not as good; another book, he is attached to night, surreptitiously risking their lives, jumped off the cliff, black and blue南宁桑拿论坛 only to find out.
  You can do the same?Like how can this?But the fact.They are the same.
  ”To Young, you come back!”Li Dahai is to pack the house, where every school day, all without the need to assign work, the equivalent of a holiday, whether you want to play down the mountain, or to own practice, depends on their arrangement, he intended to take cases door hair began to go down the mountain to see their parents, began with a sold, is worth a mortal a decade spent in it!
  What he remembered, simple and honest smile: “Yes Young, today you have to exchange for the five elements Dafa bar?By the time you put on the spiritual roots purification, and then began to practice Heart, do not be afraid delays, may quicken work!”He no talent cultivation, tips or know of two.
  ”Five brothers also know that Dafa?”Wentian had dazed thoughts, and instantly awake, he was dismayed to look back to the Li Dahai.
  ”Of course I know.”Li Dahai touched from under the pillow, but also to work out such a same books, nothing more than a new-for-old”.Do not you think the brothers did not give you, you need to spend ten-point contribution it?I told you, do we have t都市夜网o contribute something of it, is to give the