sroom quickly, Pei Ming really talked about later, and gradually into the state, his entry time not too long, but by the head, the elders, the brothers think tank 360-degree omni surrounded by care what the bottom pressure Cheats can not wait to fill out his mind, even if his words come in handy, could awoke a lot of people, even Wentian, half of my heart hanging ten-point contribution, half hung Lin-stars are slowly listen directly epiphany, the last Ming Pei had a苏州夜网 really good praise a savvy.

  He wanted not so much, just Hunhundundun out, and a group of older students outside the door, bolted together with, to the collection of Court that, knowing they have today such a class collection of Court of brothers ready, came to the people do the record, a copy of this books, out of hair, although this point they do not contribute their own use for other purposes, can every time when income, or a sense of accomplishment.
  Wentian run fast, good physical strength, ahead of the front row, change to a “five Dafa,” This copy of this very new, spotless, all the sheets white as snow, but also there is the slightest clip collection of Court specific aroma of sandalwood South China Sea.
  He even refused to take back to his room, standing on the roadside, so began to read, and he did not wait a few brothers, but added unobtrusive.
  Page book is very light, but he just open book, along with trembling hands, finally, it turned a page, and my heart immediately a loud thump.
  First, exactly the same.
  The second page, exactly the same.
  His five elements Dafa, already lies at the heart, recite every word, her face panic 广州桑拿turn to the last, and himself that this was actually, on the whole of sweat drip down repeatedly, hit the top of the page, just self-cultivation sector ink and different human community use, comes with waterproof function, has not been smudged.
  ”How to Young, this book there is nothing wrong with it?”There are just next to exchange books, and anxiously looked over, al