really speak color, after all, is the first time, also had scripted, he said these are Pei Naochun out investigations according to the five e广州桑拿网lements Dafa, in fact it is the study of the moon were out Elder son of an elder exercises, he resting on the mountain, not able to pass down the exercises, “he created a” five Dafa “on the disciples of you, very Cheyne, through practice, can be purified Harlingen.”

  ”Five Dafa!”Wentian immediately stood, grim, fists clenched, j北京夜网ust Yuntie also feel the heat of his chest, suddenly cooled, he wanted to tell myself to calm, but somehow can not calm down.
  Pei Ming really was taken aback, but nothing looked alarmed, just smiled, he was young, do not understand the importance of personal spiritual roots, but both father and big brother said, the five elements Dafa is one in a thousand years Dafa, so these foreign disciples surprise, is forgiven.
  ”Yes, you just go to the collection of Court, can be redeemed, the redemption price is a 10-point contribution.”Pei Ming really paused, which is set by his father, first there is the entry threshold to avoid someone ignorant of the time, he began to practice, but easy to go fork in the road, the second is,” You should now have the outer door earn enough points contribution, redeem points, the collection of Cour杭州桑拿洗浴t will worship the five elements for the elderly.”
  Pei Naochun a cenotaph for him to stand up, turn into a plaque in the hall of worship ancestors, incense constantly year after year, although in the comprehension, not so much stress, individuals may have in mind, finally a good thing.
  ”To Young, there are other issues do?I will not continue to talk down the.”Pei Ming really politely asked.
  ”Without.”Young Wentian was around, pulled the sleeves, back to the seat, almost fell, he drifted off, my brain turned out to be the moment only ten points in the contribution that drift, he reveal park, dry day live, there are fifteen point contribution!
  Immersion listen, when sentiment, clas