rly, wait until after Li Dahai asleep, got up to practice, now probably I learned the secret law professor’s book, having been able toUnder the contents back, but he still could not bear to destroy, had to close with, after himself confirmed, he also firmly believe that this is a power law can c北京夜生活网hange his life, with this five elements Dafa, not to mention the forest-Stars, and in the future Pei Ming true and what sort of?

  He’s Chosen People!
  Pei Ming really has to be forest-Stars they went to the rear side of the seat, watching sat packed with foreign disciples, he nodded his head, though a little nervous, you can just see the father of Xu’s eyes, there is unlimited power, he cleared his throat, began to teach.
  This lesson, is to “holding” Men outside the Disciples of hand, into the comprehension of the first threshold, the beginning is the spiritual roots of the knowledge base, mostly outside the door background, parents and elders knowledge of comprehension, have However mediocre, hearsay, a more careful attendance, immersed in, only Wentian impatient Pielepiezui.
  Oh, what a great?These are not all the basics comprehen杭州桑拿洗浴sion of it?He has long been clear, you know, need dedicated staff in terms of?Disciples outside, mostly mixed spiritual roots, he has the ability, to say the method for purifying spiritual roots, or revisit a hundred years, they were unable to enter the door comprehension!
  ”.There are many disciples here, is limited to spiritual roots, it has been that they can not continue Cheyne.”Pei Ming really slowly said, the nod uproar than illusory psychic perception, spiritual roots is more dignitaries concerned about something spiritual power aware however bad, as long as the number of perceived, are hard to say, but you Harlingen poor to the extreme even the entry-immune.
  Wentian can not help pricked up his ears.
  ”Moon were, there was a five spiritual roots genius, later known as Wu Ling elderly, single-handedly, to create a power law.”Pe深圳桑拿网i Ming is not