oom, they use a hidden character, except that he and others can not see, father, he is nervous, but also pride, just like a little peacock, could not wait to open the screen, not courtship, only to get his father’s praise – of course, this praise can never stop so overdone.

  ”Yes, Pei brothers.”Lin-Stars immediately said yes, she was bright gaze good, Pei Ming really look to the eyes, full of admiration, and perhaps because of it nestling plot?She always felt Pei Ming really rely on the most, even though he was a little older, any problems can be answered. Furthermore, gentlemen, senior, senior sister apprentice mouth, and often emerge discourse praise Pei brothers, she first joined the moon were, I just feel the best Pei brothers.
  Only one thing is not good, obviously other senior senior sister apprentice said, and should want to work and rest, but always brothers do not listen, not Liandao every day, is to practice, even if she went every day, also often run empty, could not find people.
  Wentian along with other things Disciples, a door to see is such a scene, he unconsciously lowered his head, a look of anger Lianqu.
杭州龙凤网  He still clearly remember, in the middle of the ladder, he sweated, sweat dripping down, wet eyelashes, open eyes, looked up point of view, can only see the majestic hall is now a faint, unattainable, there stood, slim, do not even look down forest-stars, it is indeed one day become a ground.
  And now, even the stars and Lin Ming Pei Ju is really standing on the stage, two people wearing robes similar styles, gestures, similar temperament, say a perfect match, perfect match is not excessive, and he does?Standing in the audience, far away, a bunt, fabrics in general, including the door as long as they are normally easy to practice, and he does?The outer door and they reveal the company of a group of.
  But now, he do not care, Wentian hand clutching his chest, could feel under this thin booklet sense of presence, these days, his 苏州桑拿网days going to bed ea