ghts turn too quickly, it found reasonable to say: “this is the Lee brothers, my brothers listen to reveal park that day did not dawn on out to encounter a lot of doors were raised reveal wild , if the stool collection points, falling fur, can change things point to the foot of the mountain began with a class, I would name the idea that he went to try, experiencing a spiritual chicken, tail is very long, in order to recover accidentally He fell off a cliff.”

  Li Dahai really be persuaded: “to Young, you quickly come to me, my brothers who have given healing medicine, wiping away before you, I’ll go to the cafeteria Dafan.”Disciples were on hand are lavish, mutual help and this is common, he did not care, give medicine in a hurry to go out, just to go out more, and my heart more and more to the stra杭州夜网论坛nge, Young which just started, you can lick spirit chicken?Dare to take the tail feathers on a goose would like to steal the spirit of exterior doors brothers, life and pecked it into Medical Hall!It seems to be late and Young to talk about, do not impulse, not as good as human food chicken!
  Semimonthly, exterior doors have an early class, according to the door of life, are separate classes, according to the course difficulty level, by different Disciples go out to teach, this group of new recruits disciples, it was Tandao Pei Ming really body , Not only that, he also took a junior sister apprentice, a Young.
  ”Lin junior sister apprentice, Miss Young, today’s lesson is simple, and so you stand behind to attend to, then we will take turns teaching.”Pei Ming really patiently explained, but he knew more than a restless hear苏州夜网t.
  Fortunately, that.Pei Ming really head to look forward from time to time, in the end not far away, a stone bench, there is a fairy looming, he is very familiar with, that is what Pei Naochun head, early in the morning, I heard his head back out teaching, and my father also specifically said to come up, just afraid to disturb the order in the classr