family is small rain, as early as possible so you put away the rain hit my mind!”Paused, she spat, then shouted,” I’m not that old lame head eyes paste the feces of rain, the show changed more than that silly girl, you are those who use curved around the body will do, is we do not use Ruan old body, or to the one I pick up one to two I pick up a pair, you will not believe, went out to find out and see, I Zhou Xiuying is not mess with me, we are not old Ruan mess!”

  And she did not know where to push lightly out a brick in front of Tang Wenbin face, the brick whittled to two and a half!
  Zhou Xiuying Tang Wenbin words in warning time, are we not talking about inside the house to listen to the educated youth, she must do more than pick up the Tang youth, but also to several other youth knocked the alarm, so that they do not fight the idea of rain.
  Tang Wenbin see broken in half in front of the rotor, a white face, which he remembered brick, it is time to repair the former head of the commune office, a car pulling back bricks from the riverside next door, he had to广州桑拿 help unload bricks.
  This is how solid brick, there are multiple, no one knows better than he.
  His eyes flashed a panic, quickly, “Zhou aunt, do not worry, I was with my sister rain joke, not wishing her on the mind.”
  Zhou Xiuying muck, snapped, “Freeze recognize sister, who is your sister??”
  ”and also!Amid the jokes do not find our house, we carefully Ruan old people do not have eyes, you do not care to beat, and that time did not even have to pay for medical expenses!”Then she glanced at the shadows behind the window, walked away from a youth point.
  Youth point windows are glutinous rice boiled soup, newspaper waste glue stick above, if the person hiding behind the window, a light shining, shadowy figure shows the window for a.
  That there was obviously eavesdropping window.
  Zhou Xiuying do not know who was eavesdropping, but都市兔兔体验网 it can do this kind of thing to eavesdrop, and good character can get wher