etter to four vigorous strong characters “five Dafa”

  He simply could not portray themselves in that moment excited and excitement, then turned down, we can see a line of words on the title page of the mighty: “When I was young, measured five spiritual roots, parents, relatives and friends, all alas, may I refused to accept this comprehension is the inverse way of heaven, both the opportunity, not to mention the level of opportunity?.Then grind out five elements Dafa, leaving future generations, purification spiritual roots, was beyond the bounds of the door!”
  This master of the five elements Dafa, probably introduced their own experience from small to large, were he was born in the door, as measured by the five spiritual roots, once concluded lost hope of comprehension, he admit defeat, but a杭州桑拿洗浴lso help parents , take his body when the test items, test often, and finally they got such a Five Dafa, but coincided with a war against a foreign enemy of self-cultivation sector, his injuries so far, were unable to move back to the door, they put this secret law buried here, and so nice ring.
  Is not that right exclusively for his chance?He had a look of concern, but because of the five spiritual roots hit by the juvenile, and his state of mind, is not it exactly the same?This nice ring, who else besides him?
  Sure enough, Heaven is fair!Even though he was lacking qualifications, may also be able to find a way to break through the.
  Holds many lessons, this Dafa, he is being carefully wrapped, placed in the position of the chest, all his hopes, just waiting to finish it all, with the fastest speed back, and missed the clock to get深圳桑拿网 up, this was hit by Li Dahai positive with.
  But holds many lessons, looking for what reason, for the time being can fool it had Lee brothers?Although the Lee brothers to be his sincerity, people are good, after all, after all, is the case of the door of the man, not completely dig out the actual situation, h北京夜网ow can I say anything it?
  Wentian thou