untain cliff, there is first secretary law, hops is now!”Wentian observation for several days and found that parrots, like only he had said this to him, several other brothers, without the police, he leaked the name of the banner with a parrot, the parrot with several laps , finally locked position, but I do not know why, so much the surrounding mountains, this only that, during the day there is always a lot of digging outside alumnus in that touch the ground suspiciously, saw these men, that Wentian stars want to become strong heart, but also more hurry up.

  Arrived, Wentian remember this position at the cliff, to the middle of the night, no one finally here, standing on the cliff edge, only to see the nod of darkness, he hesitated, roll up our sleeves roots, then jumped down – –
  ”In the mountain cliff, there is first secretary law, hops is now!”It’s like children’s voices sounded in the trees.
  ”You parrots, true naughty.”Hope Fox elderly Eau bird food, very helpless, I do not know where to go to listen to this parrot, head of jumping story, just listen to half a day, mysteriously spoke these words, which can be 上海夜网up and down outside the door, which Some people do not know the truth?Even if do not know, I do not know asking two?Soil of the place almost gouged out a layer of the outer door disciples say what day the head stepped on the earth to dig back to bless himself, saw the scene, knew it was wrong situation?
  He could not help but curse: “Only a fool would be lying to you.”
  That such fiery parrot, flew into the sky forced flapping bird feces fall: “lie to fool!Lie to fool!”

Chapter 75 text comprehension in the villain of his father (13)?(fifteen)
  Sunset month rise, so one night he quietly over, to the early morning, there were insects and birds, vibrant, outside the door bell also rang up.
  Last night, Li Dahai sleep exceptionally heavy, if not a long bell, chances are he will have to sleep for a while, drowsily opened his深圳桑拿网 eyes, this shocked to discover that