ver the city, for all Cultivation martial, almost all just listen to rumors, or by virtue of fantasy can really set foot on the moon深圳桑拿网 were when land, he came to understand, what is the real fantasy is less than one ten-millionth.

  Even the plants and trees mountains are shrouded like a light, obviously did not do anything deliberately built, but each with beauty, dignitaries looked, it was wrong not to open the eyes, on top of the mountain, surrounded by clouds all around, You can faintly see the appearance of the hall, but not clear.
  I thought that the city considered the best conditions nebula Santo, it seems, are merely mediocre, even that of a wild tree, they do not compare.
  Just very strange, Wentian always felt, in the cases of the moon, there is always what attracted him in.
  ”Disciples, follow me outside the door disciples, along with your brothers go Pei.”The young man on the roster, the point is gone, and this time they go to the southwest mainland,佛山桑拿网 altogether eight sects income Disciples, except for the head of the prior said, no more experienced, he wants to bring it to eight meet the elders, as for that sixty foreign disciples, they had said yes, the little brother to become familiar with the environment.
  Pei Ming is true.
  Wentian efforts to control the expression, heart kind of sub dissatisfied, but more and more to heavy, you know, they were not immediately returned to the moon, but the stars take the boat, but also embrace the same month were several brothers, and together before returning to complete the more experienced, has been regarded as subglottic disciples of them, they also got the opportunity to chat and older students, he finally confirmed his guess deep down, he thought wrong, the real brothers Ming Pei, not a general relationship between the families, he was the only son of the head, it’s no wonder that several common origin brothers, all of them holding him, like he really did a good job like, even his former fiancee, forest-stars, i