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  ”I need to thank?”Pei Naochun immediately ask, do not know on the night of water in the world, they were the moon, is the most ugly fate – of course, until after Wentian soaring, the lower bound estimate of the probability of large flies extremely difficult.
  ”However, we find a star gate, or will not admit defeat!”Night water is very firm,” Sooner or later, we are the first in nine.”Whenever as a head, we should not have this ambition, it can be okay?
  Pei Naochun did not feel offended, easy answer: “That r北京夜生活网emains to be seen, and I am looking forward to.”
  .Looking at his casual appearance, the night Lengheng soon as water hearts, they look for the Star Gate, has always been very good overall quality.Ah, except for up and down outside the door of addiction we are still very focused practice, taking the essence of the person, one day, and the moon were able to par.
  He suddenly remembered that at the forum Pei Naochun almost pick and clear trumpet, and added the sentence: “There, my son, is the best of the entire cultivation sector!”Think of this night like water, it bitterly, what is the best in the world good?He wanted to be renamed, but also show what too similar, can not be repeated, ultimately, changed a world first my son strong!
  Just, like water on the face of the night were the door provocation, calm Pei Naochun, under this turned around, immediately retorted: “No, we really home tomorrow, is the best!”Else can throw in the towel, this matter is no way!
  Too, and noisy open.
  Stargate find the elders in the side of the site, accompanied by, helpless face, he do not understand, what good is it noisy?His daughter, son better than both of them 杭州桑拿a lot yet?Of course, he did not say, always felt that out, and seems to be common for the same.
  This is the moon were you?Wentian some journeying looked up and he was from small to large, there is no scope nebula out o