Sanjiao health approach pericardium meridian health

Sanjiao health methods, the human body has different meridians, each meridian has a different effect, which is one of the major triple burner meridian, then there was the triple burner and small series of health methods with which to see the triple burner health approach introduced it!Growth of the string and wind hole sanjiao Regimen sanjiao starting in the crow's feet, beyond the ring finger between。 Chinese medicine triple burner is the commander in chief health function, which enables smooth cooperation in various organs, in unison, some TCM it will be equivalent to the lymphatic system, its effect is not visible to the general。
Often beating triple burner, can improve the body immunity, so you no longer ailment again and again!Triple burner running time is 21:00 to 23:00, I suggest you drink as little as possible before the beat, triple burner was also in charge of running water, the body of water was deposited too much, and you will feel the next morning eyelids swollen!Effects: allows you to increase immunity to the length of the pericardium Tianchi points finger from the outside to teach your nipples start。
Between the end of the middle finger, the pericardium is。
In fact, the pericardium is the outer layer of the heart of the film, when the external violation, pericardium have a certain role。 Sanjiao health approach often beat pericardium, in addition to improving heart function, breathing and let your blood flow more powerful, there are some reduced fat。 19:00 to 21:00 is the pericardium run time, if you beat the pericardium after dinner, the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood can be smoothly removed from the body, speed up the metabolic rate of dietary fat in the body, even eat a lot, do not worry get fat!Efficacy: make you eat no fat。