Different expectations.

  Coupled with Cheng Dong’s father has been a man struggling with a whole family.
  Dong Cheng is not acceptable, if they can not get their career after the success of economic affluence worldly sense, then together, let the XIA away to accommodate themselves.
  For example, they have no money flying to her, only she took a scholarship to fly back to their own point of view.
  Later, when Cheng Dong has experienced several failures, and finally earned a pot of gold, mathematics is better excuse XIA away, threw her to manage money, in fact, hidden consciousness a little show of economic strength.
  Unfortunately, XIA away and did not realize this, but is dedicated to figuring finance and investment for him, for him to outperform inflation, pay attention and get the final yield give way winter do not think she really let her smoke management fees a disadvantage.
  Although Cheng Dong never complained miss the year, can be very small package crying can think, when I first saw it from the noon train has been crying at night, crying to be dehydrated.
  Now she wishes to nine returned to their owners, and could not help but think of Cheng Dong, see Q edition doll, struck the box hidden for years of black and white sketch, sad tears and bear.
  Tugging away winter clothes rub up