New topics and talk to her, though they are little thing, but it will not make her feel embarrassed.

  When he was getting along well with her grasp of a degree, her little face all kinds of little tricks also observed very thorough, know when she was shy, she was embarrassed to know when, occasionally speak some little emotion, nor will make her disgusted, Xin long micro hindsight himself in front of him completely Meipi Qi.
  For example, he painted not too go, before you go and brought a cake to go along.
  ”No one ever helped my birthday, I did not eat birthday cake,” he Dirou tone, black eye pupil silently pour her, “recently, it seems you can eat something, I would like to try, buy a cake tomorrow eat right together?”
  Xin micro long been petrified of him, wanted to say: trekking trip, you look nice will do what you say.
  ”It’s okay, you take to eat, nothing of.”She pinch pinch palm, Stern said.
  Ear listening to the sound of next door open and close, long micro Sim satisfied sigh, felt riding a horse is a living Lei Feng.
  Like her unrequited upright good neighbor, who else??
  System crowd of the day: “.”Mentally retarded