It shows very unexpected, according to Yao Ji ceremony financial resources, but also that forest health at home should ask the maid to take care of several of them.Yesterday, when they go home Lan Zhou Yi shot, really busy before the busy servants.But this looks more like a live.

  I thought Yao Ji ceremony and also the image of the past in the media the same at home, a sense of distance, no one thought such a contrast is wearing an apron Meng look.
  But travel around the corner, forest health is not good idle, busy out of the trunk, “not yet clear what is good.”Then start looking for clothes,” I look at the weather forecast ah, wow there maximum temperature twenty degrees of it, feeling the family to stay with a spring.
  ”Uh I think of it, a few days ago I bought a lot of delicious snacks, you can bring it?In addition to the time and taste together two predecessors.”
  Wheat sister got the nod, he stepped on slippers Dengdeng Deng went to the coffee table side, turning snack cabinet, living room was a confused mess.
  ”Eat, life.”Yao Ji ceremony has been put in the plate, Lin-sheng busy around the end plate on the table.
  Breakfast is fresh, vegetable salad with eggs, toast, and a dish of fruit, crew of people very comfortable to eat, have thanked.
  Yao Ji ceremony big chunks, a few mouthfuls finished, indicating the big guys eat slowly, and then into the room.Forest Health