Li art, or is likely to result in redundancies bloated, no outsourcing of production costs have actually come cheap.

  ”Eastern Group, a subsidiary of Orient Commercial, every quarter of foreign purchases of large quantities of various types of electronic components.If the Minister Xie interested, may wish to organize e-business in the Mainland bid!”Li Xuan suddenly proposed road.
  ”Oh.You do not have to outsource production yet, how also carried out their own parts procurement?”Xie Li’s face lit up and asked.
  ”Although we are not responsible for the production, but will be responsible for the procurement of major components.This is mainly due to several considerations, the first is to control the quality by ourselves responsible for the procurement.Can you eliminate poor-quality parts and components from the source into the manufacturing sectors, to control the quality of the product.In addition, the harmonization of procurement by the Oriental Shoji, in negotiations with upstream suppliers, bargaining power is also stronger, you can reduce procurement costs!”Li Xuan explained..
  ”Do you have any specific requirements for suppliers it?”Xie Li continue to consult road.
  ”First of all vendors to be sufficient by the scale of production, to ensure timely delivery.We Dongfang Electronics few subsidiaries of its products are still popular, the number of monthly purchase of raw materials is relatively great.If the supplier is too small.It is likely to cause less supply, affecting our production plan!
  Secondly, the quality of the products must meet our requirements.!I am here to thank your mind you have to give the Minister.Dongfang Electronics we have a very strict quality charter to control compared to a standard inland to many harsh.Many of you believe that qualified products, may be treated as our quality inspectors to return defective products.