Xi stay thin before the monitor to see this scene, slightly startled by startled, not ah, this is not a script, ah, say Gujiu An In his confession scene with the care of the household, then Gujiu An said so quietly, God knows what he says Su Yuan in the ears, the audience can not hear the front of the screen even more.

  Thin Xi picked up the walkie-talkie, you want to shout “card”, but out of the trust Gu Jiuan, he hesitated and put down the walkie-talkie, to see the hell Gujiu An in the end, however, the scene happened next, let everyone unexpected.
  After Gujiu An ear Su Yuan said a word, without warning Su Yuan won the face, deep kissing down.
  The actor plays Xiao Zhengbang see this situation, but also shocked, but since the director did not call a halt, he can only bite the bullet and continue to move forward, according to the original setting of the prop knife to Gujiu An neck, then say the script, the lines.
  Fortunately, this time not by common sense Gujiu An no card, just with the former orphanage die, he will Su Yuan eyes blindfolded with black cloth, and let her see the next tragic scene.
  Wait until the play finished, thin Fu Xi has been afraid to look around the eyes to poor, needy and even pro-Fu forehead are not allowed to play, are now kiss on the thin seal has