Grand Opening!

Because of the unique arrangement of streets, Wing Mallory Street these days since the flow of people has gradually save up, or is directed at Yongxing Embroidery reputation, or directed at that street to the other good shop, in short, this open street the first day is not busy.
Any master learned of the news, only just awake, and almost fainted.
Smashed three gas cup: “The darn thing!I called yesterday was kind enough to say that this street to take good renovation, at least a couple of weeks before the opening, and now I move out, she opened the back foot street!Zhejian Ren is considered quasi the!”
Jiang Chu to do this thing so obvious, is not deliberately done to any of the classic look of it?
Just at this time, Ms. Ren cries came forward: “classic, big bad, that we should go to the government for money up, and can be nothing if short-lived fad, where did the money turnover ah?Even pavement gave Classic?master?!”
Any master finally passed again weighs.

“Congratulations, ma’am, never open street Mallory Street this first day is coming and going, big