Weakness empty after the spiritual power, could barely stand, shook back, the end is sitting on the sofa.

Shen North Star busy brought a glass of water, taking care to the safety of the only semi-conscious Zhen in his arms, the cups on the Safety Only Zhen lips, warm channel: “Andy, you’re exhausted, you can drink water slowly.”

An Wei Shen Zhen somewhat dazed look Beichen, she heard a faint sense of Shen North Star spoken words, but entire meaning it has been unable to come to understand, but some knew it was her heart sink North Star asked her what some of the words , subconsciously nodded blankly.

Shen North Star stared at her nod, but no action could not be posted on the palm Wei Zhen Ann sudden flushing of the cheeks, the temperature scared her face, could not help worrying thought, now this security Zhen Wei a high fever soon look up, is not influenced by being purified by the flames Zhou Zhou.

An Wei Zhen just say that this is a critical moment, Shen North Star did not dare Wei Zhen private automatic safety, fear is a problem, not only affects the Zhou Zhou, also hurt the Ann Wei Zhen.

Not, Shen North Star can only Carefully An Wei Zhen flat, her little head gently against his thigh.

Wei Zhen to be safe after a good lie, Shen North Star will be palm