The evening also a small channel: “Otherwise.Let’s take a bath.”

  ”Ok?”Flower Mu glanced at him:” This morning on the plane is not washed yet?”
  The night also forced to explain: “The long afternoon stroll in the museum, do not you think it hot.”
  Mu spent sitting on the edge of the bathtub, eyebrow suddenly laughed: “What in the end want to do?”
  Vietnam also late embarrassed, simply Gouzhao his neck and went over to kiss, like being bullied general issue of lingering nasal.
  The other party to respond to the unhurried, like a kiss of action to appease the general.
  They touch each other’s lips and nose, breathing becomes rapid and happy.
  ”Tomorrow and then see the night view of the same.”The more nights also low voice:” I do not mind the bridal chamber and then the third time.”
  ”Statue of Liberty?”Flower Mu leisurely:” The hour gift?”
  ”Mu.”The more also later called to his voice whispered, leaning over his shoulder to pressing Tian Wen raised his Adam’s apple, but also gently bite a bit, suggesting quite clearly:” Mu.”
  ”Ok?”Pretending the other did not understand:” What do you want?”
  The evening also been completely sitting on his lap, piping hot to touch each other, even kiss also burning some.
  He kissed flower Mu earlobe, exhaled slowly and said: “I send you my quietly with rocket stamp.On the body